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HELD ON MONDAY 7th September 2015 AT 8.00 PM

Mr T Tuck – Chairman
Mr D Braithwaite - Vice Chair
Mr K Davis
Mr V Mallett
Mr K Flood
Mr L Piper
In attendance
;- Mr M Lewis County and District Councillor,
Mr B Wescott, Neighborhood Watch
11 members of the public
Mrs A Voysey – Clerk

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.15 pm.

Mr P Downton, PCSO Thelma Mead


The Minutes were amended at Item 9b. After further consultation and discussion it was proposed that the wording of the seasonal dog ban notice at Sparkford Cricket Ground should exclude the words ‘to the Dog Warden’ by KD and seconded by KF. All agreed. The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.

BW had nothing to report. The police report was read out. There were 5 making off without payment crimes still under investigation. 29 calls to the service centre were made; road related incidents 21, anti-social behaviour 2, alarm 1, abandoned call 1, burglary 1, concern for welfare 2 and domestic 1.

ML advised regarding the siting of new ‘green cabinet’ to be installed as part of the broadband connectivity roll out programme should be addressed to Connecting Devon and Somerset and/or Matt Ballard.

SSDC no longer has a 5 year land supply allocated for house building and it remains to be seen if this is an issue with local plan policy SS2.
As part of Health and Well-being fund grants are available for first aid training up to the end of January 2016. Anyone interested in this should contact ML


a) Small Improvement Scheme (SIS). In preparation for the meeting on 08.09.15 with highways at County Hall TT had compiled a document with plans, photographs and SID reports to illustrate the concerns of the Parish Council with the SIS as implemented to date. A full presentation was given to councillors after the meeting.
b) There was nothing further to report regarding the bridge/A539 Cary Road junction. TT noted that the drop from the crown of the bridge on the eastern side appeared to have further deteriorated. Clerk to ask for a progress report from highways.
c) Speed Indicator Device (SID), reports from the siting of the SID in July and August were previously circulated. It was noted that there had an insignificant (1mph) reduction in average speed at the village hall location compared with January figures and at the High Street location and increase of 1mph in average speed over the same period. It was concluded that the SIS had had no effect on reducing speed in the village and the matter be drawn to the attention of the meeting with highways at County Hall.


a) 15/02834/FUL Erect dwelling, ancillary stables and B1 workshop. Land adjacent New Cottages, High Street, Sparkford. Mr and Mrs D Nurse. Refused


a) 15/03345/S73 S73A Remove Condition 1 and vary Conditions 3, 10 and 12 of approval 14/00644/S73 dated 14/05/2014. Site of Old Coal Yard, Sparkford Road, Sparkford. Stonewater Ltd. The paperwork had been previously circulated and comments to be forwarded to SSDC.
b) 15/03227/FUL Conversion of dutch barn and former milking parlour to two dwellings, Land at Sparkford Hall, Sparkford Road, Sparkford. Mr J Harman. The plans had been previously circulated but not seen by all councillors. There were no questions for the applicant’s agent. Comments to be summarised and forwarded to SSDC.
c) 15/03228/FUL erection of stable block and office building, land at Sparkford Hall, Sparkford Road, Sparkford BA22 7LD. Mr J Harman. The plans had been previously circulated but not seen by all councillors. There were no questions for the applicant’s agent. Comments to be summarised and forwarded to SSDC.


a) MacDonalds update. There was nothing to report.
b) Clarification of wording on ‘dog ban’ notice, Sparkford Cricket Ground. This item was dealt with under item 3 above.
c) Flood mitigation scheme, Church Road/ditch rear of garages. The application to the Flood Mitigation Fund had been successful. It was agreed that the work would go ahead and that Sparkford Parish Council would take up the offer of funding. Clerk to write to Somerset County Council accordingly.
d) Dog Waste bin at Electricity sub Station. The Clerk established the exact location of two possible re-locations for the missing bin and emailed SSDC. No response had been received from SSDC.
e) Review of Standing Orders. The Clerk advised that it was time to review the Standing Orders. Assistance was sought in this matter, TT and KF put their names forward. A date to be arranged to meet consider the matter, with a view to presenting the outcome at the October meeting.
f) Enquiry about a railway station at Sparkford and request stop. An email had been received from Robin Chapman LLB(Hons) FCA Solicitor and was circulated to Councillors regarding a possible railway station and request stop facility at Sparkford. The suggested benefits of such a proposal were for residents of Sparkford, local businesses, schools and Haynes Motor Museum. There are thought to be two potential locations; the Old Creamery/Haynes Publishing site (south of the railway bridge) and the other near Haynes Motor Museum (further away and north of the railway bridge). Consultations generated by Mr Chapman have also included Haynes Motor Museum and by association Haynes Publishing. Comments included reference to the last time the village considered a similar proposal was in the 1980’s/90’s when a large housing development was also being talked about, it was not considered favourably at that time. Some considered the proposal to be a good idea that could benefit the village. The lack of infrastructure was thought to be a problem along with any need for parking but a halt was thought to be for users arriving on foot. This in turn lead to comments on siting the halt at Haynes Motor Museum which would not be ideal for villagers to access and conversely siting the halt at the Old Creamery would not be ideal for visitors to the Motor Musuem. Both Haynes Publishing and/or Haynes Motor Museum could potentially gain from this scheme but it was too early in the process to comment any further. It was decided that more information be sought and that VM and LP were prepared to form a working party on this topic.
g) Consultation regarding Haynes Publishing Site Redevelopment. An email had been received and was circulated to Councillors regarding the redevelopment of Haynes Publishing Site. Mr Travers of Boon Brown Planning, attended the meeting as agent for Haynes Publishing, to explain that the site had been for sale for approximately two years with little interest being expressed. This lead to the proposal being put forward for the redevelopment of the site with residential units and the retention of commercial floor space. Mr Travers saw the scheme as an opportunity to bring new life of the village and hoped to work with Sparkford Parish Council and the village through the process of creating a development proposal.

Comments included concerns regarding the impact on the existing sewerage system in the village where problems already exist such as the smell of foul waste in the High Street during times when Hazlegrove School is closed and the pumping system is shut down. The retained commercial development was thought to be fragmented within the site. It was also asked how a scheme for 56 houses fitted in with policies stating there should be no more housing in the village. The point was made that when there is a shortage of allocated housing land availability at local plan level then national planning policy over-rides local policy, added to which the site is within the village and a percentage of the housing would meet affordable housing needs. It was agreed that Sparkford Parish Council would be involved in future meetings regarding this project.

h) SSDC Statement of Community Involvement – draft for consultation. It was agreed that this item be held over to the next meeting and that SALC be contacted for their assistance.
i) Wessex Water and drainage issues. ML was able to confirm that Wessex Water are not a statutory consultee in the planning process.

Payment of Clerk’s Salary of 172.26 was approved.


a) A letter form Barclays Bank confirming the change of signatories had been received. Also a letter advising that the Barclays Branch in Shaftesbury would not be open on Thursdays
b) Furnicare had written explaining that it is going through a period of redevelopment. It is aiming to enhance its ability to reach customers and increase the volume and quality of goods donated to them. The Parish Council is asked support Furnicare in reaching out to as broad a community as possible. Furnicare has a new web site – www.furnicare.co.uk
c) Emails had been received from SALC regarding training opportunities. One regarding Setting up and Managing Suitable IT Environments in Local Councils and another being Budget setting and the Broader Financial Management. The latter was available to clerks and councillors. The Clerk expressed an interest in the Budget Setting course, a place is to be booked.
d) SSDC sent an email requesting the information about the siting of defibrillators in preparation of an Area East map detailing the locations. One is situated at Weston Bampfylde Telephone Box and another at the Service Station/MacDonalds site on the A303. Clerk to forward information.



Monday 5th October 2015, 8pm.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25pm


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