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HELD ON MONDAY 5th October 2015 AT 8.00 PM

Mr T Tuck – Chairman
Mr D Braithwaite - Vice Chair
Mr K Davis
Mr V Mallett
Mr K Flood
Mr L Piper
In attendance
;- Mr M Lewis County and District Councillor,
Mr B Wescott, Neighborhood Watch
3 members of the public
Mrs A Voysey – Clerk

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.02 pm.

Peter Downton.


The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.

No report had been received from PCSO Thelma Mead. BW had nothing to report.

Regarding councillor attendance at meetings ML advised that SSDC could be consulted if required.

Feedback from neighbouring Parish Councils was that litter from McDonalds was on the increase and that what had been a good rapport, with the Sparkford branch, two or three years ago had apparently deteriorated recently. ML was seeking Councillor’s views on this. This subject is dealt with under item 9 a below.

It was also reported that SSDC is exploring joining forces with Mendip District Council, to share the Chief Executive and other roles. Also under consideration by SSDC is the taking over of the Westlands Sport and Leisure Centre in Yeovil. ML sought comments regarding use of the facility, one councillor had been there on many occasions three had been there on few occasions. It was noted that the facility was not as good as it had been. Areas of concern for SSDC are the cost, as the building in particular the roof, requires refurbishment.


a) Small Improvement Scheme (SIS). The meeting held at County Hall with highways was positive, the photographic evidence supplied assisting greatly in putting across the concerns of the Parish Council that the SIS fell short in its aim to reduce vehicular speed through the village. Highways are dealing with road signage and yellow lines in the area of the Old Coal Yard site. There was also an acknowledgment that the gates/speed limit sign at the eastern side of the village were not as had been shown on documents sent to the Parish Council. Also, that vegetation already obscured what had been put in place and that the ‘Welcome to Sparkford….’ sign had not been supplied. The planning decision for the Longhazel Farm development has not been issued to date but once that had occurred progress would be made to resolve issues at the western end of the village.
b) The bridge/A359 Cary Road junction. County Roads South Somerset advised that the area had not made allocation in the 2016/17 financial year for resurfacing and will be presented again for consideration in October 2016 for 2017/18 finance year. Also details would be sought from Network Rail regarding bridge inspections.
It was pointed out that the depression in the road on the east side of the bridge is worsening, being compounded by heavy lorries hitting the road surface, and it could not be understood why highways fail to see this. It was agreed that the Clerk asks John Nicholson to meet with KD and TT on site with a view to seeking an emergency repair before there is an accident. Clerk to arrange.


a) 15/03288/FUL Convert garage to bedroom, single storey side extension, front porch and detached garage 4 Manor Close, Sparkford, Mrs P Griffiths. Permitted with Conditions
b) 15/02408/FUL Change of use of existing storage building into a farm shop Mill Farm, Weston Bampfylde Rd, Weston Bampfylde, Mr A Mangles Permitted with conditions
c) 15/03787/PDE Proposed extension (i) The projection of the extension beyond the rear wall of the existing dwelling is 3.92 metres; (ii) The maximum height of the proposed extension is 3.6 metres; (iii)The height of the eaves of the proposed extension is 2.45m. 2 Meadow Cottages, Sutton Montis Road, Weston Bampfylde, Permission not required
d) 15/03345/S73 S73A Remove Condition 1 and vary Conditions 3, 10 and 12 of approval 14/00644/S73 dated 14/05/2014. Site of Old Coal Yard, Sparkford Road, Sparkford. Stonewater. Permitted with conditions



a) McDonalds. The Clerk had circulated an email from the manager at McDonalds giving an update on points originally raised at a meeting in June. Concerns remain regarding the speed hump which has been replaced but has not reduced the speed of vehicles on the site, one of the bollards used to close off the lorry parking area at night has been flattened. One litter bin has now been offered to the village. The ditch along the Wolfester Terrace boundary of the site has been partially cleared, the hedge is the responsibility of McDonalds and the fence along the same boundary remains lower than it should be. No further details have been forthcoming regarding a ‘Love where you Live Event’ which had been intended to build good relations with the Community. It was agreed that the Clerk should ask SSDC licensing for details of the conditions of the 24 hour opening licence granted to McDonalds. Also that the Manager and Area Manager of McDonalds be asked to attend the November meeting.
b) Railway Station and new request stop. The Clerk advised that Robin Chapman had sent an email explaining that he was liaising with the planning department and no further information had been received.
c) The date and time for SPC to meet with Boon Brown in October was agreed. A public information session had also been proposed by Boon Brown which it was felt gave insufficient time for the Parish Council to deal with any responses. There then followed a discussion about issues such as foul drainage and how best to gain and understand the views of Parishioners. It was proposed by LP that the Clerk should let Boon Brown know that the Parish Council would like a public consultation event to take place on an evening, 5.00-7.30pm at the Village Hall. KF seconded and all agreed. It was also agreed that an invitation to the event be drafted and circulated to all councillors before printing. The invitation would be sent to all in the Parish and that Haynes be asked if they would be willing to print the invitation. Councillors to assist with delivery.
d) SSDC statement of Community Involvement – draft for consultation. This document was previously circulated to Councillors and the item held over from the last meeting. The Clerk advised the time period for a response had expired. KF noted that this was an update of a 2007 SSDC document required by law and there were no concerns for the Parish Council.
e) Flood Risk Management event at SSDC. KF and KD attended. It had been a good and worthwhile event to attend. KD took the opportunity to explain that Sparkford village had foul and surface water drainage problems and that no progress was ever made on these issues. In view of further development potentially taking place in the village it was proposed by KD that Wessex Water, the Environment Agency and David Norris from SSDC Planning be invited to attend the December Parish Council meeting to discuss drainage issues.
f) Review of Standing Orders. The draft of the review had been previously circulated. It was agreed that the draft be adopted with further clarification needed on some points (Clerks email to all, dated 01.10.15) being necessary.
g) Councillor Training, SALC advice, Good Councillors. It was proposed by KD and seconded by VM that SALC be booked for a formal training session at a mutually agreeable date in early November, all agreed. Also that 7 copies of The Good Councillor Guide be purchased.


a) Payment of Clerk’s Salary of 275.61 was approved.
b) Sparkford Playing Field Association request for the annual grant of 150.00 was approved
c) Payment of the invoice for the half yearly rent for Sparkford Playing Field to Greenslade Taylor Hunt of 125.00 was approved.
d) Flood Mitigation Scheme – Church Road/rear of garages . Details of the quotes had been previously circulated. It was proposed by VM and seconded by DB that the quote from Treetops Construction be accepted. All agreed.
e) Dog Waste Bin replacement. It was proposed by KF and seconded by LP that the Fido 25 Dog Waste bin (84.00 + VAT) and extended base post (39.00 +VAT) and fitting by SSDC (46.55 +VAT) be purchased. LP seconded. All agreed.
f) Parish Council Accounts quarterly update were previously circulated. These were noted.

A letter had been received from Somerset Highways advising 20kg bags of de-icing material would be available for collection on Saturday 21st November. KD offered to collect these taking with him the letter.
The above letter was accompanied by a leaflet entitled Guide Winter Services in Somerset 2015-16.

M. Ogborne of Sparkford Cricket Club advised of the ‘Big Bike Ride 2 stopping at Sparkford Cricket ground 8.30am Sunday 11th October.

Sparkford Playing Filed Association advised that they would like to organise a Santa Sleigh event, hoping that Santa will visit Sparkford, Queen Camel, South and North Cadbury. This will provide an opportunity for children to see Santa and receive small gift of sweets, no objections were raised.

A metal cover adjacent to the telephone box and opposite the Parish Hall was noted by KF to be slippery, particularly when wet. Highways to be asked to come out as soon as possible to prevent a potential injury occurring.
Queen Camel Parish Council to be asked about legal advice being sought regarding development in Queen Camel.


Telephone Box at Church Road
Lap-top purchase and other IT matters
Carrier ditch from the railway line east to Church Road

Monday, 2nd November 2015, 8.00pm

There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.02pm

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