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HELD ON MONDAY 2nd Febuary 2016 AT 8.00 PM

Mr T Tuck – Chairman
Mr L Piper - Vice Chair
Mrs A Roylance
Mr D Nurse,
Mr Bell
Mrs A Voysey - Clerk

In attendance ;- Mr M Lewis County and District Councillor, PCSO T Mead
3 members of the public

Also present: Mr Miller of Clive Miller & Associates with 2 clients

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.03 pm.

 1   APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE   Mr K Davis and Mr P Downton had given their apologies


The Minutes of the meeting held 4th January 2016 were signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.
b)     TT noted receipt of the acceptance of office forms and welcomed Mrs A Roylance, Mr D Nurse, and Mr R Bell as new councillors. He continued with the Minutes of the Extra-ordinary meeting of 18th January 2016 and LP passed on typed amendments to the minutes to the Chairman who thanked him for them. No further discussion took place. The minutes were not signed.

PCSO T Mead advised that Avon and Somerset Neighbourhood statistics were being used once again. For Wincanton Rural South area 45 crimes were reported of which 13 were criminal damage,  2 non dwelling burglary, 1 dwelling burglary, 1 theft from a motor vehicle and the remainder being other offences. There had been 204 calls to the forces service centre relating to Sparkford area the majority about public safety/welfare, transport, crime, and general issues. Road related calls included those about the A303.
Mr Wescott noted that the speed camera had been in the High Street.

 Item 8 of the agenda was taken next
8. Planning Applications.

15/03227/FULConversion of Dutch barn to holiday let and former milking parlour to dwelling  , Land at Sparkford Hall, Sparkford Road, Sparkford. Mr J Harman. Amended proposal/additional information. Mr Miller, agent, was given the opportunity to explain the amendments made to the application to overcome objections made to SSDC. A summary of comments made by parish councillors was given noting that while the use of the buildings was thought to be good this did not overcome the councils concern that the proposal would lead to more new dwellings in this location connecting into the sewage system  and in turn would lead to further development in the future. The applicant explained that the application forms indicate that the proposed dwellings would be connected to septic tanks. There then followed an exchange of views.  It was concluded that the parish council would object to the proposal referring to the drainage issue.
Mr Miller and two clients departed from the meeting at this point.

In the open session the before the meeting was declared open ML noted that MacDonalds litter pickers had been seen regularly in the parish. No decisions had been made about Council Tax. ML had been in receipt of an email regarding A358/A303 corridor and Highways England planned public information events which are as follows:-
19 February 2016 – Lady Antrobus House, Amesbury
22 February 2016 – The Podymore Inn, just off the Podimore roundabout on the A30325 February 2016 – The Monks Yard, Ilminster
26 February 2016 – Creative Innovation Centre CIC
, Taunton and Tesco Superstore, Castle Street, Taunton.
The events will be open to the public from  13.00 until 20:00 during which Highways England staff will be available for people to talk to and ask questions. We also expect to hold a series of briefing sessions for local stakeholders and the media at each venue (except Tesco on 26th Feb) on the morning of each event.

 6     HIGHWAYS.
Old Coal Yard site footpath. Nothing to report
b) Bridge/A359 Castle Cary junction. Nothing to report.

15/05403/FUL Change of use of land and building to equestrian use. Construction of a menage. Land rear of Sparkford Hall, Sparkford Road, Sparkford. Mr E Hobbs. Permission granted with conditions.

 8     PLANNING APPLICATIONS  Item taken earlier


a) Sparkford foul and surface water drainage. Wessex Water advised that in December 2015, Operations completed the cleaning and repairs of the sewers in the following areas: High Street, Haynes Motor Museum, Church Road and Outfall sewer to Sewage Treatment Works. Also that there would be a visit by engineers early in February to measure flows in the system and identify infiltration. With regard to surface water drainage issues information was still being collected to be recorded on a map
b) MacDonalds. There are 3 bins at MacDonalds site to be located in the parish, at the layby on the A359 Castle Cary road and either end of Sparkford Copse. Clerk asked to liaise with Street Scene to arrange collection of bins and siting of them. Also the entry/no entry to the service station arrangements to be investigated.
c) Village information evening/questionnaire (also referred to as ‘survey’).
Data has now been entered on spread sheets. Clerk to request a summary report from Tim Cook at SSDC to be forwarded to LP and KD
d) Training. The Clerk expressed an interest in attending a course on insurance and risk assessment at a cost of 25, this was approved. Also, with new councillors joining and previous acknowledgement that refresher training would be useful it was agreed that arrangements to be made for whole council training to take place as soon as possible.
e) A letter of complaint had been received at the end of the last meeting (4th January 2016) and a reply had been sent. LP requested that both letters be circulated and the matter be brought to the next meeting.
f) TT and KD had attended meeting about the Parish Environmental Wardens. The meeting was well attended and ways of maintaining parishes in the best way possible were discussed. One such way would be to use the Community Pay Back Scheme offered by SSDC/Street Scene. TT suggested work on The Avenue footpath maintenance be put forward as a suitable scheme – to be put on the next agenda.

TT and PD attended the Area East Annual Town and Parish Council Meeting at Wincanton. Amongst items that came up were Section 106 agreements and the new payment scheme. SSDC would be using both approaches for the time being. There had also been some disquiet amongst those attending regarding recycling and subsequent littering but this could be resolved in a new approach by Somerset Waste Partnership.
g) The Clerk had sought a quote from PC World and completed an application for a grant from NALC for the purchase of a lap top and software, both of which were previously circulated. All agreed to go ahead with the application for a grant and purchase of the lap top, software and anti-virus package.

Payment of Clerks Salary 159.34 - approved
b) Payment of CCS Membership 40.00 - approved
c) Payment of SSDC invoice 000026649, fitting replacement dog waste bin 55.86 (inc 9.31 VAT) - approved
d) Payment of SSDC invoice 0431000652X, Printing of Parish Survey 235.57 (inc 39.26 VAT) - approved
e) Payment SALC invoice 1085 Negotiate a better outcome in planning 85.00 – approved subject to confirmation that TT can attend.
f) Approval of expenses Mr L Stevens - Clerk duties for Extraordinary meeting of SPC on 18/01/16 (44.89). LP asked how this invoice had been received as there had been no previous discussion about the need to employ a stand in clerk. He had understood that other offers had been made to cover the clerk’s (AV) absence which in all probability would not have incurred a cost. However he was prepared to accept that payment should be made but that no such decision should occur again without prior agreement of the Council. All agreed.

TT had received a telephone call from a parishioner regarding a very bright light/s shining in the area of Cadbury Business Park (CBP) which could be seen from miles around. It was thought that this could be situated at the Old Cheese Store adjacent to CBP, both of these sites are in North Cadbury Parish but the lights are affecting residents in Sparkford Parish. Clerk to draw to the attention of North Cadbury Parish.

LP expressed concern that the planning application (15/03227/FUL) under Item 8 needed to be given further consideration, to work out what to do and to provide clarity. He noted that the Parish Council had not mentioned connection into mains foul drainage system in its objections to the application either at the time of the original consideration or in light of the amended details recently circulated.  The application forms were checked and it was confirmed that septic tanks were the proposed means of drainage. It was also noted that the new parish councillors had not had time to be fully aware of the situation. On this basis it was agreed that the objection to the scheme be made noting that while the proposal is a good use of buildings it is still thought that the development will open up the area for further dwellings which Sparkford does not need and there are no pluses for the village.


Monday, 7th March 2016, 8pm
There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm

AV 02/02/16                                              

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