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HELD ON MONDAY 7th March  2016 AT 8.00 PM

Mr T Tuck – Chairman
Mr L Piper - Vice Chair
Mr P Downton
Mrs A Roylance
Mr D Nurse,
Mr Bell
Mrs A Voysey - Clerk

In attendance ;- Mr M Lewis County and District Councillor, Mr Westcott, Neighbourhood Watch
11 members of the public

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.01 pm.

Mr K Davis, PCSO Thelma Mead

2 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST   None  (RB arrived 8.03pm)

a) The Minutes of the Extra-ordinary Meeting held on Monday 20th January 2016 were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of that meeting.
b) The minutes of the meeting 1st February 2016 were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of that meeting.

BW had nothing to report relating to crime but did advise that with effect from 1st April 2016 Sparkford Neighbourhood Watch would cease to exist unless someone stepped forward to take over as Co-ordinator. TT thanked BW for setting up Neighbourhood Watch in Sparkford some 12 years ago and all his subsequent hard work organising it and related social events. During its existence 130 members had joined.
There was no report from PCSO T Mead.

ML added his thanks to BW noting that gathering 130 members did not happen overnight and hoped that someone would carry on his good work.
ML gave details of Council Tax increases which came from County and District. He advised that Parishes with a river within its boundaries and for which there are maintenance issues/concerns they should put these forward to SCC and the Rivers Authority. Lastly reference was made to district and county devolution from Central Government with 17 new authorities, each to have a ‘mayor’, being created in the area – if this goes ahead there will be additional responsibilities but it is not certain what money would be available. SSDC is currently looking to ‘transform the services’ it offers by joining with Sedgemoor and try to reduce council tax increases. With effect from 2020 there will be no Rate Support Grant.


a) Old Coal Yard Site. There had been no update from Sara Davis since the site fencing had been removed from the verge. Clerk to contact J Nicholson, county highways, regarding a footpath to provide safe access from the Sparkford Road/Hanyton Close development to the village.
b) Small Improvement Scheme (SIS) TT reported that the work at western end of the village had not been completed due to the pending development at Long Hazel Farm. County wished to complete the work but had yet to respond to his request that the work should be comparable with the scheme at Holton. The document produced for a meeting held with County attended by ML, TT and the Clerk was circulated to the new councillors for information. The Speed Indicator Device results were previously circulated and it was noted that there had been no reduction in the speed of cars travelling through the village particularly at the eastern end.
c) Bridge/A359 Castle Cary Road junction. Patching work is to be done with a two day closure imposed, 23rd/24th March. KD had submitted a request that signs be situated at the end of Church Road and Sparkford Hill Lane advising that they are unsuitable for diverted traffic and it was agreed this request be passed on adding Sparkford Road (to N and S Barrow) to the list. There was nothing to report about the consultation with network rail and the railway bridge.
d) Trees at the south side of The Avenue. Loose/dangerous branches in trees to the south side of The Avenue were reported to be overhanging. Following enquiries the Parish Council has been advised that the trees are the responsibility of the land owners. Clerk to contact J Nicholson, County Highways, asked to investigate loose/dangerous limbs and as necessary serve notice on the owners that these require attention.
e) A303/A358 corridor public information evening. TT attended the Podymore Inn session and was advised that a preferred route would be established in 2016/17 with a decision likely in mid 2018 and a build in 2020/21. No plans were available for possible routes. ML pointed out that the project is referred to as a 30 mile express way from Mere to Ilminster leading to a conclusion that roundabouts were unlikely to feature in the plans.


a) 15/03327/FUL Conversion former milking parlour to dwelling, land at Sparkford Hall, Sparkford Road, Sparkford. Mr J Harman. Permitted with conditions.
b) 15/03328/FUL Erection of stable block and office building, land at Sparkford Hall, Sparkford Road, Sparkford. Mr J Harman. Permitted with conditions


a) 16/00508/TPO Application to carry out works to trees at Sparkford Cricket Ground, TPO (SPAR9) 1978, Sparkford Cricket Club. The plans had been circulated and there followed a discussion acknowledging the now thriving Cricket Club noting in particular the increased youth section and kitchen refurbishment. However, concerns were expressed about the application to carry out work to/ fell trees subject of the TPO and are summarised as follows :- No need to fell trees, just tidying up required. Strongly disagree with felling trees. Tidying pruning to remove dead wood but healthy trees must not be cut down. Felling of trees could have an impact on the bank which is holding up the road, tree roots have a big part in the stability of that bank. It is believed that removing trees from the western side of the field adjacent to Castle Cary Road/The Avenue would destabilise the bank. The tree numbering on the plan does not agree with the letter from Steve Hunt; e.g. on the plan tree 356 states ‘lime’ but the letter states tree 356 ‘ash’. Also according to my observation tree 353 is not ‘ash’ but is actually ‘thorn’ and tree 358 is not lime but ash. We need to know exactly what is planned for each tree correctly. In general the management of removing deadwood on the limes, tidying up the oaks and reducing stumps on the beech is sensible, felling the ashes is not. It was unanimously agreed that these comments be passed to SSDC. TT and LP also available to meet SSDC arborist on site if required.
b) 16/00725/OUT Mixed use redevelopment (residential/commercial) together with associated works and access ways. Haynes Publishing, High Street, Sparkford. BA22 7JJ. All agreed that an extension of time be requested for comments to be submitted to SSDC and that to allow time to consider Wessex Water’s findings on the foul water system due for the April 4th Parish Council meeting there should then be an Extra-Ordinary meeting of the Parish Council on April 11th 2016. The new councillors were encouraged to study the application as there is a lot of information. Benefits for the Parish would also need to be considered and involvement in any S106 agreement should start with the planning case officer and/or Mr Waddleton.
c) 16/00726/COU Change of use of Home Farm from office (B1) to Residential (C1). Home Farm House, High Street, Sparkford, BA22 7JJ. The file is to be circulated and the application considered at the April meeting. An extension of time for comments to be requested.


a) Sparkford Foul and Surface Water. Mr Tidman advised that 2 locations had been identified where groundwater is getting into the foul sewer network. Further investigation was required and he suggested coming to the April Council meeting. AECOM (consultants) had liaised with KD about surface water and a full report was being prepared for submission to the Environment Agency – Blandford Office for the end of March.
b) McDonalds. Progress had been made regarding the siting and installation of 3 bins donated by McDonalds. Streetscene to install the bins at a cost of 139.65 plus 27.93 VAT. All agreed that this should be done. The bins are to be emptied by SSDC.
c) Village Information Evening. Nothing to report. LP to follow this up.
d) Training feedback. Those attending the Being a Good Councillor training found it informative and interesting, it was thought that it would be helpful to update on a more regular basis.TT and PD to attend the course in May. The Clerk attended a Risk Assessment and Insurance training session which highlighted the need to be certain of Council positions with regard to the its interests e.g. the Parish Hall, Playing Field, Cricket Ground. TT and the Clerk attended training on the Transparency Code. It was informative and helped with annual audit advice and the need for the Council to have its own web site which can be managed by the Clerk but to have links with the community and associated web sites.
e) Letter form Mr E Douglas and reply. The relevant letters had been circulated as requested at the February meeting. No further action was required
f) Light at the Old Cheese Store on the A359 in North Cadbury Parish. North Cadbury PC was asked to investigate the light pollution occurring at the above site. The developer of the site was asked to reduce the lighting which was affecting residents in Sparkford Parish. This has been done.
g) Sparkford Service Station. Contact had been made with the service station and clarification on the exact issue was sought. Clerk to write to McDonalds and the Spar store to ask that clear signage is put in place to make sure the one way system at the filling station is understood by all users/visitors

Payment of Clerk’s Salary of 258.39 was approved.
b) Payment Mr L Stevens covering Clerk for 18/01/16 of 44.89 was approved
c) Payemnt SALC invoice 1116 of 80.00 for training was approved
d) Payment SALC invoice 1133 for 25 for training was approved
e) Smaller Authorities Audit arrangements/Appointments had been previously circulated All agreed that the Council should opt in to the service provided.
f) Resignation of the Clerk and replacement. It was agreed to advertise the post with terms of reference and a contract be prepared. Use to be made of the Village Magazine April edition, SSDC/Angela Cox and SALC to publicise the post. RB and TT to carry this out.


a) Blocked footpath at the end of Cherry Pie Lane. RB had contacted the agent of Diocese of Bath and Wells, being Greenslade Taylor Hunt. The tenant is to be asked to remove the obstruction
b) Request for a letter of support from Sparkford Cricket Club for grant funding for equipment. After a short discussion it was agreed to write a letter of support using words provided by RB.
c) Complaint about spot light at The Sparkford Inn causing light pollution. LP contacted the manager at the Inn who had moved the flood light twice to reduce the glare for neighbours. Situation to be monitored and brought to the April meeting.


Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and handing over of funds and defibrillator.
b) Air Ambulance accessible place to land in village in an emergency.

Monday 4th April 2016 at 8pm.
Extra-ordinary meeting of Sparkford Parish Council Monday April 11th 2016, 8pm to consider planning application 16/00725/OUT
There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.15pm

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