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HELD ON MONDAY 9th May  2016 AT 8.00 PM

Mr L Piper -  Chairman
Mr T Tuck – Vice Chairman
Mr K Davis
Mrs A Roylance
Mr P Downton
Mr D Nurse,
Mr Bell
Mrs A Voysey - Clerk

In attendance ;- Mr M Lewis County and District Councillor Camelot Ward (for part of the meeting),
Also present: Mr M Tidman of Wessex Water, Mr S Travers of Boon Brown,
2 members of the public

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.00 pm.


TT stood down from the post of Chairman. Mr Larry Piper was prepared to stand as Chairman. He was proposed by DN and seconded by RB. All agreed. LP signed the acceptance of office form.

b) ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRMAN It was proposed by PD and seconded by AR that TT stand as Vice Chairman. KD was also proposed but not seconded.  All agreed that TT be Vice-Chair.

PCSO Thelma Mead

LP – items 9b and 11q
TT – item 9a – there followed a discussion with reference to the minutes of the meeting held on 4th April 2016. TT agreed to abstain from item 9a.
KD items 11n and 11q

a) The Minutes of the meeting 4th April 2016 were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.
b) The Minutes of the extra-ordinary meeting 11th April 2016 were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.

10 Matters arising not included in other sections (item taken early).
a) Foul and Surface Water Issues
Mr Tidman attended the meeting, following the SPC meeting in December 2015 in issues were raised, to present Wessex Water findings on foul water drainage in Sparkford. Mr Tidman explained the overall pipe network in Sparkford and presented photos (on screen) dated December 2014. He said that further investigations took place in March 2016. The conclusions were that there was no significant infiltration and that problems found were attributed to fat/grease deposits, root ingress and debris such as ‘flushable wipes’ causing blockages. Cleaning had taken place to clear these problems and routine 6 monthly checks were in place in the Haynes publishing site area and other out fall pipes. With regard to the High street and Hazelgrove School area of the system, pipes had been sealed with silicone to limit the problem of odours. Questions were asked, there followed discussion and Mr Tidman was able to advise that a model had been created since December 2015 but that 2 or 3 flow meters needed to be put in place to produce results for testing and verifying the Sparkford model. This would be done in conjunction with work in the Yeovil area in the summer 2016. Mr Tidman was asked on a number of occasions but unable to confirm that Wessex Water would accept responsibility for any house-holds flooded with foul water unless it could be proved that it was a capacity issue when they would undertake to resolve it. It was concluded that the Parish Council was no further on that it was in December, that questions raised then were unanswered, that flow monitors needed to be present in the system during the autumn/winter months which is when the problems occur not in the summer and that another opportunity had been missed causing delays to Parish Council comments on planning applications. Mr Tidman was thanked for attending the meeting and then left.

PCSO Thelma Mead sent a report in her absence. Of the reported crimes in Wincanton Rural South 20 out of 30 related to ‘other’ and 4 were for criminal damage. 166 calls were made to the Forces Service Centre, 31 of these related to Sparkford and of which 17 were road related incidents, 7 were ‘’other’, 3 were ‘suspicious’ and 3 were theft.

ML not present

Nothing to report.

a) 16/00726/COU
Change of use of Home Farm Office (B1) to residential (C3), Home Farm House, High Street, Sparkford. Permission granted with conditions
b) 16/00508/TPO Application to carry out works to trees. Sparkford Cricket Ground, Brains Lane, Sparkford. Permission granted for work to limes on submitted plan. Consent refused regarding oaks on the submitted plan.

a) 16/00725/OUT
Mixed use redevelopment (residential/commercial) together with associated works and access ways. Haynes Publishing, High Street, Sparkford. Also, amended plans and information – retention of Rose Cottage and Woodbine Cottage. A discussion took place following on from Mr Tidman’s earlier presentation. Mr Travers offered the point that Wessex Water had no objection the application but were concerned about the current proposed drainage strategy and so recommended a condition be attached to the planning permission. Councillors were of the view that Wessex Water had not addressed the issues raised in December as reported above and therefore it was proposed that objections be made to the planning application on the grounds that Wessex Water (WW) had not given adequate assurance that the foul drainage system could cope with the proposed additional houses. Work due to have been carried out by WW after the meeting of the Parish Council in December 2015 had not been completed. Flow monitors had not been put in place over the winter months and so the model created for Sparkford could not be verified. The flow monitors were due to be installed over the summer when rainfall is likely to be less. The Parish Council had reported, in December, that there are known problems in the village with foul drainage particularly in the autumn and winter during and after periods of heavy rainfall, it is believed that there is surface water ingression in to the system causing back flow to houses hence the need for flow monitors to be put in place. Also, there are concerns regarding the number of points of access on to the High Street creating road safety issues and that no provision had been made for Sparkford Storage related traffic (whose entrance/access is within the application site) being able to turn within the site thus preventing vehicles reversing on to or off the High Street (6 votes for, 1 abstention). Also, it was proposed that the retention of Rose Cottage and Woodbine Cottage in the submitted amended plans was welcomed (6 votes for, 1 abstention).
b) 16/01059/COU Change of use of agricultural land and buildings to C1, C2 and C3, Sparkford Hall, Sparkford Road, Sparkford.(LP left the meeting having declared an interest). Following the site visit on 21st April 2016, Councillors understood amendments had been made to the application regarding the deletion of the paddock and orchard from the application. Clarification was needed. If this had not happened then objections would remain. It was resolved that following further consultations for with SSDC for clarity, comments would be agreed by TT, DN and KD to be made to the Planning Officer.
LP returned to the meeting.
c) 16/01436/OUT Residential development of up to 8 dwellings including access. Land OS4859, off A303, Sparkford. Mr Crawford spoke reading this application drawing attention to the cumulative effect of numerous applications along the High Street for residential development. He warned of the domino effect and this application was one such and asked if Councillors wanted to see Sparkford become a large dormitory village with inadequate employment opportunities and services for the new dwellings. All agreed that objections be made to this application on the grounds of inadequate infrastructure in the village, that access off Sparkford Road could be a problem and that there were on-going problems with land ownership and provision of a public footpath and safe access from development on Sparkford Road on to the High Street, that there was no employment as part of the proposal and therefore did not fit with SSDC policy SS2. Also a request for a tree preservation order be made for trees in and on the boundaries of the application site.

ML arrived at 9pm. He was given the opportunity to make his report for Item 6

6 County and District Councillor
ML apologised for arriving late. He advised that Queen Camel Parish Council had expressed concerns about the impact of additional housing projects in other neighbouring villages that had implications for the new school in Queen Camel. There was a suggestion that these villages might liaise with Queen Camel. With regard to what to do about the number of applications for residential development ML suggested that Sparkford PC should continue to press the case of foul and surface water drainage issues. Also to mention the local services, e.g. the school in Queen Camel. It was understood that the school is full, places having been offered to pupils from Yeovil, allowing none for local/catchment area children. All agreed that LP should write to Mrs English asking for a report on this matter.

Item taken early and minuted above.
b) Consultation on potential leisure planning obligations.
i) 16/00725/OUT Haynes Publishing development site
ii) 16/01436/OUT Land OS 4859 off A303, Sparkford.
TT reported on the meeting held with representatives of the Playing Field Association, Parish Hall Committee and Sparkford Cricket Club to discuss sums of money accruing from two major housing developments approved in the village and two more pending approval. These developments will provide a large sum of money to benefit the village in various ways as part of section 106 provision. The Parish Hall favour replacing the village hall with a new modern building at a site to be agreed within the village and it was suggested that it would be beneficial for the hall to be sited next to the playing field.

The playing field would like to purchase and extend the existing field and provide a road access, also to investigate with network rail provision of a foot bridge over the railway line to replace the existing footpath crossing, adjacent to the playing field. The cricket club have a junior section bursting at the seams, and would like to see the pavilion improved or better still replaced with a permanent structure. All agreed that this report be sent to SSDC.
c) McDonalds/Sparkford Service Station. Nothing to report
d) Village information evening/Survey. A final report is expected for the June meeting.

Payment of Clerk’s Salary - 366.05 was approved.
b) Payment of Invoice No. 43 LGRC Associates Ltd for Transparency Code Training 144.00 incl. 24.00 VAT was approved
Payment of cash 464.96 (required in the absence of electronic means of payment), PC World order 17686049, dated 20.04.2016, to complete purchase of laptop computer for Parish Council use was approved.
d) Payment annual maintenance grant 2016-17, Sparkford Copse Trust, 150
e) Payment annual maintenance grant 2016-17, Sparkford PCC, 150
f) Payment annual maintenance grant 2016-17, Holy Cross Church, Weston Bampfylde, 150
g) Payment annual maintenance grant 2016-17, Sparkford Village Hall, 150
h) Payment annual maintenance grant 2016-17, Sparkford Scout Group, 150
i) Payment annual maintenance grant 2016-17, Sparkford Playing Field Association, 150
j) Payment annual maintenance grant 2016-17, Weston Bampfylde Village Hall, 150
Items (d) to (j) were taken together being the budgeted grant applications and were all approved.
k) Receipt Precept (5,506) & CTRS grant (320) for 2016-17, 5,826 BACS payment 08.04.16, noted
Receipt VAT refund 512.17 for financial year 2015-16, BACS payment 05.04.16 noted
m) Parish Insurance renewal due 1st June 2016, quotes Hiscox - 314.76, Aon - 284.40. LP reported that two quotes had been sought and were for similar cover. As this is a budgeted sum, a cheque be issued. It was agreed to accept the Aon quote of 284.40. 
n) Appointment of Mrs L Davis as Clerk to Sparkford Parish Council. KD left the meeting for this item. All agreed with the appointment.
Internal Audit completed by Mr L Stevens on 20.04.16, as circulated. Noted with thanks to Mr Stevens
p) Completion of External Audit form Sections 1 and 2 for 2015-16. The sections were completed and forms signed
Request for contribution to SSDC Playday combined with Playing Field Association Fun Day on 4th September 2016. LP and KD left the meeting for this item. After a short discussion it was agreed that 200 be donated towards the cost of the play day, payment on the agenda for June meeting.

Notification of an appeal had been received against the refusal of planning permission 15/01632/COU siting of 21 permanently occupied residential mobile homes, Long Hazel Caravan Park, High Street, Sparkford. Mr and Mrs Walton. Item for the next agenda.
b) Invoice for SALC membership received and also mentioned consideration of SLCC membership. Clerk to investigate cost of SLCC membership. Both to be put on the June meeting agenda.
c) KD reported he had heard from the Environment Agency and would circulate the report prior to consideration at the June meeting.
d) TT had followed up a report of an abandoned vehicle in Wolfester Terrace, the matter was being dealt with.

LP sought confirmation from ML that councillors had acted correctly when considering registering an interest in an item with specific reference to item 12 (b) of the minutes of April 11th meeting, this was given.

TT asked that an item be put on the agenda to discuss whether SPC should omit the August meeting from its annual calendar.

Monday 6th June 2016, 8pm, Sparkford Parish Hall.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.05pm

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