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HELD ON MONDAY 6th March  2017 AT 8.00 PM

Mr L Piper -  Chairman
Mr D Nurse,
Mr T Tuck
Mrs A Roylance
Mr K Davis,
Mr R Bell
In attendance: Mrs L Davis

Also present: 
Mr Mike Lewis County Councillor & District Councillor, PC Stefan Edwards, PCSO John Winfield
Amy Cridland – McDonalds, Kelly Oaten – McDonalds,
David Stock - Highways England, Alex Murphy – Mott MacDonald,
7 members of the public

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.02 pm.



The Minutes of the 6 February 2017 meeting were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of that meeting.

Concerns were raised about vehicles drifting on the A303 roundabout late at night and also issues with scooters and bikes travelling at excessive speeds along the High Street. These issues would be reported to the Police.

ML advised that SCC have announced a Council Tax increase of 3.99% including a 2% increase for Adult Social Care. There is an additional amount included for the Somerset Rivers Authority as they are not yet a regulated authority. 6million is being invested in Children's Services to grow our own Social Workers in Somerset to avoid the need for the use of agency staff. SSDC are progressing their Transformation programme.

RB raised concerns about the Lime Trees in The Avenue. There is an issue with dead wood following high winds. It was agreed to contact Highways and ask them to contact the landowners.

The standard of work recently completed at Sparkford Hill is poor and it was noted that no advance warning was given of the road closure at Wolfester Terrace. ML agreed to contact Jon Nicholson at Highways and follow this up to identify who was supervising the work and assessing the quality/procedures.


a) 17/00412/FUL
Erection of a Garage/Carport, formation of new vehicular access and closure of existing vehicular access. 57 Church Road, Sparkford. No objections were raised by Councillors.
b) 17/00414/S73 Application to vary planning condition 4 (Foul and surface water drainage) of approval 15/01632/COU. Longhazel Caravan Park, High Street, Sparkford. LP left the room. The applicant confirmed that meetings have been held on site with Planning, Building Control and Licensing and they are happy with this amendment. The proposal will enable six units to be developed now on the existing drainage system which SSDC have advised can be accommodated without issues. Concerns were raised by Councillors regarding the drainage as there is nowhere to discharge the water. The applicant advised that Nick Murrell, SSDC Building Control Officer has undertaken a survey and is satisfied that the existing system is satisfactory. The Environment Agency has also approved the system and the existing trees will assist with the drainage. The remaining units will be subject to further planning consent as they will require the installation of a new drainage system. Councillors resolved to support the application if there was a guarantee that no further drainage issues would result from the development.
c) 17/00408/OUT Erection of a detached dwelling. Land Opposite Brooklands Barn, Brains Lane, Sparkford. Mr Douglas addressed concerns raised by owners of neighbouring properties. There were no objections raised by Councillors to this proposal.

a) McDonalds/Hazelgrove Services
issues LP congratulated them on the litter picking which is working well. The various issues were outlined and responses provided.
Music being played late at night - Kelly would deal with this issue immediately
Traffic management - the Security department have been instructed to put in mpr restrictions (a response is awaited). An attempt is being made to introduce a car sharing arrangement for staff to reduce the number of vehicles in site. A team of staff are located outside at weekends to direct traffic which helps during busy times and a quote has been requested for white lining. Vehicles are moving quicker through the drive through following the improvement works and McDonalds are installing a new timing system for all drive through restaurants to improve the speed. KD asked if the lorry parking area could be removed and used for staff or overflow parking. Amy agreed to check the ownership of this area and follow up on possible alternative use.
Extractor noise/smell - Although the system has recently been upgraded, Amy has instructed a local catering company to check the extraction system.
Litter - the amount of litter in the surrounding area has been greatly reduced. An external person has been employed to collect litter eight times a day.
Oil - oil from the restaurant is put into a GRV grease unit which is newly fitted and recycled. Kelly agreed to contact their drain control team and ask them to check that this is working correctly.
Love Where you Live scheme - McDonalds would like to hold an event in this area on 17 May. A team of staff from six restaurants in the area would be available to assist with a community improvement/event. It was agreed that proposals would be discussed at the next meeting.
Football team sponsorship - McDonalds would like to sponsor a local youth football team. In the absence of a local team the contact details for Queen Camel Primary School will be passed on.
b) Highways Agency proposals for A303 improvements Highways England presented their proposals for the A303 improvements at Sparkford. As part of the development consent process there is a need to demonstrate that all feasible options have been considered, to challenge previous considerations and put forward the best proposal. There are two primary options that warrant consideration.

Option 1 is in the existing corridor but presents a lot of safety issues during construction but less environmental issues. This proposal has been costed at 164million.
Option 2 has more impact on the environment. This proposal has been costed at 147million.
Public comments are now being sought and further analysis of both options will be undertaken, with a preferred route to be announced later this year. Further detailed consultation will then take place and a single route announcement will be made at the end of 2017 for formal submission mid-2018. A decision is expected late 2019 to allow works to commence in 2020 subject to successful Planning and Secretary of State approval.
Highways England has recently met with Yeovilton Airbase to discuss issues and look at possible options to relive pressure for vehicles heading towards Podimo
c) Night landing strip for Air Ambulance it was agreed to approach the Cricket Club, Hazelgrove School, owners of the field by the Church and owners of the field behind Wolfester Terrace to identify if they would be happy to allocate this areas as night landing strips for the Air Ambulance.
d) Playing Field lease The Heads of Terms were agreed. RB proposed and TT seconded that the Parish Council would pay up to 2,500 legal costs.
e) Quarterly review of outstanding issues
Footpath clearance - TT has met with SSDC Streetscene regarding the footpath clearance and overgrown hedges. They have quoted 1,447 to do all works. It was agreed to get a second quote for these works from Crestmoor. LP and LD would send a letter to landowners to advise of their responsibility for maintaining hedgerows/trees.
Stile at car park - SCC has still not responded to the request. It was agreed that if no response is received by the end of the week then this would be included on the agenda again next month with a proposal for the Village Hall Committee to purchase a stile/gate and DN and KD to install it.
Gateway signs - TT agreed to send the report to the Clerk to be forwarded to SCC.
Rubble - this is part of the application for the development opposite the Old Coal Yard. It was agreed to contact Stonewater again about the removal of the rubble.
Defibrillator - the units need to be serviced, LD to arrange

a) Payment
of 258.30 to Mrs L Davis (Parish Clerk salary). Approved

Activities at Cedar Court - concerns were raised by a resident about issues with properties at 3 and 7 Cedar Court. It was agreed that a letter would be sent to the owners of the properties.


Night landing strip for Air Ambulance
Installation of stile at car park

14 DATE OF NEXT MEETING      Monday 3 April 2017, Sparkford Parish Hall.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.40pm

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