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Mr J Crawford – Chairman
Mr D Braithwaite
Mrs C Goodland
Mr A Bourke
Mr L Piper
Mr R Little – County Councillor – Castle Cary Division
Mr M Lewis – District Councillor – Camelot Ward
Also present: 2 members of the public

2 Members of Staff, McDonalds
In attendance: Mrs K Bourke – Clerk

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.00 pm.

Apologies had been received from Mr Tuck, PCSO Thelma Mead and Bill Westcott.

2 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST     There were none.

The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.

Mr Westcott had sent his apologies and a said there was nothing to report of any consequence on the Neighbourhood Watch front. He has now handed over the Speed Watch to Mr Ken Flood and they should be operatively shortly.

PCSO Thelma Mead had also confirmed that Speed Watch was about to go live. She has a log form for the residents of Wolfester Terrace to fill in with times/dates of incidents at McDonalds and will take them round to residents and tell them about the new 101 telephone number.

Mr Little had nothing to report. Mr Crawford said he had a query from a resident about the number of speed limit signs in the village eg one at each end but asked why there were no repeater signs. Mr Little will contact Scott Davies of Highways and report back.

Mr Lewis said we should encourage Thelma to talk to the residents of Wolfester Terrace to pick up the logs and encourage the residents to fill them in. The Clerk said she had already stressed the importance of recording incidents to some of the residents who said they would pass the message along.

The Clerk reported that footpath WN 27/5 from Church Road to it’s junction with footpath WN 27/31 will be closed from 1st September for 6 months to enable a new bridge to be installed.

Mr Crawford said there is now movement on site. If the residents of Cedar Court have any concerns both the Clerk and he had contact details for the builders. Mr Braithwaite brought up a point about the installation of the attenuation tank in. He said he had heard the vendor was not happy with it. He also said the residents of Cedar Court are not happy with the way the containers have been placed right outside their back gardens. He also mentioned that where BT had installed the fibre optic cable the footpath is actually collapsing. The Clerk will inform Highways of this.

a) 12/01843/FUL
Erection of a small barn in the north-east corner of the field adjoining 1 Meadow Cottages, Sutton Montis Road. GRANTED

a) 12/02742/S73
A Variation of condition 7 of planning permission 11/04507/COU to allow additional retail space at first floor. Dairy House Yard, Cary Road. Mrs Pauline Lewis
Everyone had seen this application and any comments will be reported back to the Planning Officer.
b) 12/02679/FUL Recovering of roofs. Removal of artificial slate and replacing with clay tiles. The Dairy House, Little Weston Road, Sparkford. Mrs Sarah Sutton
Mr Crawford said he had been trying to get hold of the Planning Officer dealing with this application as the property is listed and they are wanting to replace the artificial slate tiles with clay tiles. Unfortunately the Planning Officer is on holiday so he will speak to him on his return to see if there is likely to be a problem. Mr Crawford will inform all Councillors of the information.

The Clerk reported that she had received information that there is a change of the planning appeal for the Walton application which will now be determined by the Informal Hearing procedure.
Mr Crawford said we had received a planning application for a change of use of land and the erection of 3 log cabins for holiday use at Fosters Farm, Fosters Lane, South Barrow. This had been sent to us as we are the adjacent parish. No Councillors had anything to say on this matter.

a) McDonalds

Mr Crawford asked Matt Cridland if there was anything he wanted to report. He replied asking if there were any queries about the 24 hour opening they need to deal with.

Mr Bourke said he understood the Clerk had sent him copies of all the correspondence, meetings and minuted items between his predecessor and the Parish Council and District Councillor and that he was going to give us some response. Mr Cridland said he had forwarded it all to his Area Manager and reiterated that all the conditions of the license have been met by the repairs carried out on the existing fence. Mr Bourke asked if he had any comments to make about what his predecessor had discussed. Mr Cridland said the two individuals concerned have now both left the company; he is the restaurant manager now. Mr Bourke said that McDonalds have abrogated on promises made and now are sticking to the letter of the law and are not taking this forward. The Customer Relations person who came with Matt Cridland said the fence repairs will make a considerable difference to the noise level for the neighbours. Mr Bourke said it wouldn’t make any difference as what’s needed is something to divert the noise upwards ie a 3 metre fence. If the noise level increases what reassurances can McDonalds give if the promises made over time have not been kept? He went on to say that the "super fence" mentioned in previous Minutes was a proposal put forward by McDonalds themselves and not the Parish Council – we had just asked for a normal motorway standard 3 metre fence but McDonalds had come back to us suggesting a double sandwich insulated fence: a very expensive option.

Mr Braithwaite said the residents were not given any notice of the 24 hour opening happening and they feel they had been walked over. This is just not good enough.

Mr Little asked to whom the Parish Council should write to get the matter of the fence sorted out. The Customer Relations person said she would give the details to the Clerk. Mr Crawford said we are asking you to look at this as we know you can afford it. This has been going on for years and can be sorted out forever by a relatively cheap fence.

Mr Lewis said McDonalds may expect the residents of Wolfester Terrace to communicate their concerns to McDonalds but many of them are elderly and they expect the Parish Council, South Somerset District Council and the County Council to speak on their behalf. It is not necessary for them to speak out directly as they do not want retribution from some of the people visiting McDonalds. You should look on us as their representatives. The vast majority of them need to have their concerns listened to.

Mr Crawford said this is not necessarily all bad behaviour but it is customers and traffic all the time, 24 hours a day. Matt Cridland said most noise came from lorries going into the garage and deliveries. Mr Crawford said we know many of the customers are going to the garage as well as McDonalds.

On a good point it is good news about the additional signage in the HGV area for no overnight parking and in the drive through lane asking customers to respect the local environment. Matt Cridland said he plans to come to the next meeting. Mr Crawford said we would like to see all of us getting on well but mainly that the residents have a peaceful life. Some of the things McDonalds are doing are good but the fence is key to the residents of Wolfester Terrace. He then thanked them for attending the meeting.

b) Commemorative Stone
The Clerk reported that we need to apply to Somerset County Council for a license to install the commemorative stone and there is a fee of 25 which is non-refundable. A decision was made on where the stone should be installed and the Clerk will organise the license before contacting the stonemason.

a) Clerk’s Salary & Expenses
The Clerk’s salary of 272.95 and expenses of 7.50 were approved.

a) Community Justice Panel
The Clerk had received a letter from the Community Justice Panel advising that they have been operating for 8 years throughout South Somerset. Funding has always come from various sources, including the Home Office. That funding no longer exists and the Project is very short of funds. They are looking for contributions from Parish and Town Councils to help keep the Project alive. Mr Bourke said this was a very good scheme which kept two of the children from this village from having criminal records. It is an intermediate step between a warning and a criminal record. He recommended the Parish Council consider donating some money to the scheme.

Mr Lewis said the success, particularly of the Restorative Justice Panel, is excellent. Valerie Keitch, the Manager, has been a prison governor. It really does work both for those causing problems and their parents/guardians. Mr Crawford said it also provides a redress to victims as well. It was agreed to put this on the Agenda for consideration at the next meeting. Mr Little requested the Clerk to send him a copy of the letter.

Mr Crawford asked if any Councillors had anything they wanted to say after attending the Summerfield Development presentation. At this stage Mr Piper declared an interest and left the room. Carol Goodland said it looked like a good scheme. She was impressed and it would give future employment for people in the area.
Mr Piper was then asked to rejoin the meeting.

Mr Crawford reported that he was going to bring up the matter of replacing the missing litter bin in the Little Weston lay-by but had realised that he still had the one that was removed from the corner of Twines Close and this would be installed.
Mrs Goodland reported that the lid on the dog bin in the High Street was faulty. Mr Bourke said he would look at it and repair if he was able.

Mr Lewis offered to take the earth from the affordable housing site if this meant that the containers could be moved to a more suitable location on site. He would add the earth to the bund between his property and the Bluebell Woods which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Mr Crawford said he would contact the builders with this offer.


Community Justice Panel
Commemorative stone
Rumble strips at roundabout on A303

Monday, 3rd September 2012.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.05pm


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