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Mr J Crawford – Chairman
Mr T Tuck – Vice Chairman
Mr D Braithwaite
Mrs C Goodland
Mr A Bourke
Mr L Piper
Mr R Little – County Councillor – Castle Cary Division
Mr M Lewis – District Councillor – Camelot Ward
Also present: 2 members of the public

In attendance: Mrs K Bourke – Clerk

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.00 pm.

1 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE None were received.


The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.

Mr Westcott confirmed that the Speed Watch was up and running and 11 cars had been caught in Church Road this morning. They will continue next week in the High Street. The Clerk reported that two parishioners had stopped and asked about joining Speed Watch. Mr Westcott said that the Neighbourhood Watch Christmas get together will be on 7th December. Mr Tuck asked when we will be eligible for the Speed Watch signs and Mr Westcott said they will go up after Speed Watch has been in action for a few months.

Mr Crawford said someone had cut down living trees in the Copse to build a huge hut and could people watch out for this happening.

Mr Little mentioned the Health & Wellbeing Fund of 10,000 per District Councillor. The Clerk confirmed she had circulated the information about this to members of the PC. He then went on to mention a Community Enablement Fund of 500,000 throughout the County with grants being given between 500 and 50,000. This will be to fund various things such as the Parish Lengthsmen Scheme. It would be a one off payment per scheme and the Town/Parish Council would then have to carry on funding the scheme after the grant has been spent. Mr Little will send details to the Clerk for circulation.

Mr Lewis said his wife and grandchildren had been very impressed with the Sparkford Playing Field; they had tried lots of playing fields in the area but thought ours was the best and the Playing Field Association should be really proud of it.

He also said he had been contacted by a resident regarding Sparkford Copse and the ever increasing width between the boulders at the A359 end of the Copse which may give access to travellers from the Dorset Steam Fair. Would it be possible to block off part but still leave access? Mr Crawford said the Copse Trust had spotted this and were looking into finding a solution which may be to ask C G Fry to take a load of soil up to the Copse to narrow the access. He will contact them about this.

Mr Lewis said there had been a request for a 2nd litter bin in the Little Weston lay-by. Mr Crawford said he already had a litter bin in storage which had originally been at Twines Close and had been speaking with Lynette Osment about installing the bin. He is quite happy to do this but Lynette was checking to see if the District Council would do it. Mr Lewis said he was happy to help install the bin.

Mr Lewis said he had received a call today from a resident of Wolfester Terrace asking if the hedgerow is going to be cut as it is in amongst the electricity wires on the McDonalds site. They also reported that HGV’s still seem to be parking overnight. There is also an increasing number of vehicles parking partly on the highway and footpath rather than going in to the site.

Mrs Goodland asked Mr Little if he had heard anything about the traffic calming scheme. He said he was fairly optimistic and would be hearing in the next couple of weeks. He thinks half the schemes have been approved.

The Clerk asked if he had found out about why we don’t have repeater signs throughout the village. He apologised that he hadn’t found out yet but would contact Highways about this matter.

The Clerk reported on two temporary road closures; the first was the A371 Station Road, Ansford which will be closed from 10th September for 19 weeks to enable the removal of the existing road formation on the approaches to and over Ansford Railway A Bridge, installation of concrete slabs, grit blasting and the decoration of steelwork to be carried out; the second is Babcary Lane, Church Street, Main Street, North Street, Foddington Road and Olive Farm Lane, Babcary, to enable surface dressing to be carried out on 3rd September for one day.

It was reported that cars were parking on the footpath in Church Road which belonged to staff working at the Queens Arms in Corton Denham who are renting the property. The Clerk will contact the Landlord to resolve this matter.
Mr Tuck reported a surface manhole cover missing east of Cam Cottages adjacent to lamp post no 33. It’s big enough for a child to fall down. The Clerk will contact Highways.
Mr Westcott reported a sewage smell coming from the middle of the High Street by lamp post number 14.

It was reported that there may be a problem with the soakaway as the rainfall we had in August was double what was predicted to happen once in 100 years. Mr Crawford had asked if there was a problem with the attenuation tank and the builders denied this. Mr Braithwaite said he had heard they were considering a smaller tank. Mr Crawford would contact C G Fry about this.

The Clerk reported that the Informal Hearing in respect of the Appeal Decision to change of use of part of holiday park to residential at Long Hazel Park will be held on 18th September at the SSDC Council Offices in Yeovil.

9 PLANNING APPLICATIONS      None had been received.

a) Community Justice Panel
The Clerk read out the letter from the Community Justice Panel which had been briefly discussed at the last meeting. After a short discussion Mr Bourke proposed awarding a grant of 100 and this was seconded by Mr Braithwaite. Mr Crawford said this would be a one off but may be considered again at the Precept meeting later in the year. All Councillors were in favour.

b) McDonalds
The Clerk had received an email from Matt Cridland advising that he was being transferred back to McDonalds in Yeovil with immediate effect. He would not be able to attend this meeting but would attend the October meeting along with his successor Emma Treloar. He also advised that his area manager had been getting quotes for installing a higher fence along the boundary with Wolfester Terrace.

It was reported that the layby on the Castle Cary Road on the left hand side passed the bluebell woods was full of rubbish and there wasn’t a bin there; it had been removed many years ago. Mr Crawford said we should contact the District Council to ask them to put a bin in this location as it was not safe to ask the person who collects the McDonalds litter to walk down this road as there is no footpath. It was reported that McDonalds had installed a new rubbish bin at the Coal Yard site.

c) Commemorative Stone
The Clerk reported that she had met the Area Highways Officer on site this afternoon to discuss the positioning of the stone as Highways had not wanted the original site chosen due to visibility problems. They had agreed that the stone could be installed on the grassy area opposite Hazelgrove Lodge. The Area Highways Officer said he would alter the original application for the license to install an object on the Highway and would also email a form for a license to dig on the Highway. After some discussion it was agreed that this was an acceptable alternative location and the Clerk could go ahead with this project.

a) Clerk’s Salary & Expenses
The Clerk’s salary of 188.96 and expenses of 7.50 were approved.

a) Request from Sparkford Art Group
The Clerk had received a letter from the Sparkford Art Group requesting permission to install a lockable cupboard to the left of the stage to store their books and materials. They had been offered the cupboard in the gent’s toilet but it was very damp and unsuitable for their needs. After some discussion Mr Crawford asked Mr Tuck to inform the next Village Hall Committee meeting on 20th Sept that the Parish Council, as owners of the village hall, had no objections to this request. The Clerk will contact the Art Group to let them know this decision and that they will be hearing from the Village Hall Committee soon after their meeting on 20th September.

b) Wincanton Sports Centre
The Clerk had received a request for funding from Wincanton Sports Centre. Mr Crawford said we should put this on the list for discussion at the Precept meeting. Mr Lewis said the District Executive changed their contract with the Sports Centre and give them a substantial sum of money.

Mrs Goodland asked about the rumble strips on the A303 approach to the Hazelgrove roundabout that was mentioned at the last meeting. It was agreed the Clerk would contact the Highways Agency to enquire about the possibility of these being installed.


15 ITEMS FOR FUTURE AGENDA    There were none.

Monday, 1st October 2012   There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25 pm.


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