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Mr J Crawford – Chairman
Mr T Tuck – Vice Chairman
Mr D Braithwaite
Mrs C Goodland
Mr A Bourke
Mr L Piper
Mr R Little – County Councillor – Castle Cary Division
Mr M Lewis – District Councillor – Camelot Ward
Also present:
4 members of the public
In attendance: Mrs K Bourke – Clerk

There were none.

There were none.

The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.

Mr Westcott said it had been a quiet time but a Land Rover and bike had been vandalised. The Speed Watch has been out for a total of 5 hours and 1,047 cars were monitored; 42 were travelling at over 36mph, the school bus was doing 39+mph with children on board. They will be more effective when they get the laser gun. Mrs Goodland said she has noticed a slowing down of traffic.

Mr Little reported that the Sparkford improvement scheme has been accepted by Highways and he is monitoring its progress. He mentioned the Health & Wellbeing Fund.
Mr Crawford asked if there was any further information on the Steart Hill Farm as their application to vary a condition had now been withdrawn. Mr Lewis said they have now put in a new application and the residents are very unhappy.

a) High Street problem with smell
The Clerk confirmed that Wessex Water had attended the High Street to investigate the smell. The Clerk had stopped to talk to the workmen and they confirmed the problem was emanating from Hazlegrove School. She had since received information that Wessex Water had installed an odour logger on 20th September and once the data is analysed they will contact us with their findings. Mr Westcott reported a bad smell on Saturday at 7am.

b) Sewer problem – Village Hall, Cam Cottages & Cedar Court
The Clerk reported that there had been problems with sewage gushing in the gardens at Cam Cottages who also had sewage coming up their downstairs toilets. The Hall toilets couldn’t be flushed and there was a bad smell and a problem was also reported at 4 Cedar Court. Wessex Water had sent out Dyno-Rod to investigate and Wessex had just confirmed that there had been a problem at the junction of Ainstey Drive and the blockages were caused by a build up of rags. They are arranging to carry out a CCTV camera survey of the section of pipe to check for any defects or obstructions. Any necessary remedial works will then be completed to prevent repeat blockages.

Mr Tuck that the main problem was surface water ingress into the sewers. The Clerk was asked to contact Wessex Water to enquire about the condition of the existing sewer. Mr Lewis said we had a window of opportunity regarding the problems in the High Street and Hazlegrove and the problems in Church Road. He suggested speaking to Yarlington as they have been unable to fulfil the surface water trickle into the Avenue and had to go the other way into Cherry Pie Lane. There needs to be a capital investment to remedy these things. Yarlington are worried about escalating costs but can manage within their budget at the moment. It was agreed Mr Crawford would speak to Yarlington Homes about this.

c) Forthcoming works – road closures
The Clerk had received information on forthcoming works on the back of the postponement of the Network Rail road closure on the A371 at Ansford. The following works would be carried out:

Resurfacing and kerbing work on the B3153 Cary Road, Lovington near the Pilgrims Rest. 10 working day road closure from 5th November.
.      A371 Ansford Hill road closure maximum of two evenings to carry out remedials to failed patch.
A359/A371 Grove Cross. Road closure, max 2 nights, remedials to failed surfacing/verge clearance/gully exposing.
A371 Cattle Hill drainage from 30th October for 21 days.

The Clerk said she had received information from the Highways Agency in response to Mrs Goodland’s request for rumble strips on the A303. They said they recognise the issue we raised and there is an improvement scheme planned (depending on the availability of funding). This was developed under the old Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald contract and would consist mainly of warning signs. In addition there is a wish to implement reduced speed limits on the approaches which is dependent on the outcome of a trial at Hayes End Roundabout.

There was nothing to report.

a) 12/02674/LBC & 12/02679/FUL
This application to recover roofs, remove artificial slate and replace with clay tiles at The Dairy House, Little Weston Road, Sparkford has been GRANTED.

b) 12/00452/S73A
Application to remove condition 4 of planning permission 09/00458/FUL relating to the restricted use of the grain store for processing grain. Steart Hill Farm, Steart Hill, West Camel. WITHDRAWN

a) 12/0348/FUL
- Alterations to property to include conversion of integral garage to living accommodation and erection of new porch. 1 Meadow Cottages, Sutton Montis Road, Weston Bampfylde. Mr & Mrs P Ebsworth.  This application had been held up with neighbours but was circulated during the meeting for Councillors’ comments.

b) 12/03430/FUL – Erection of extension to existing workshop building. Garrett Commercials Ltd, land off A359/A303 slip road, Sparkford BA22 7JE
The owners of this business attended the meeting and said they need covered workshop space. A brake testing facility is needed and possibly a MOT testing bay for trucks. Taunton Test Station has now closed hence the need. Mr Crawford asked if the extension would be of similar structure to the existing workshop and they confirmed it would be doubling in size. Mr Bourke mentioned the screening on the embankment and the problem with the Highways Agency. Mr Tuck reported someone had thought we had a scrapyard in Sparkford. Mr Garrett said they were very mindful that they are a respectable establishment and not a scrapyard and would look at the situation at the end of the property. Mr Crawford thanked them for attending the meeting.

a) McDonalds
Mr Crawford welcomed Emma Treloar, the new Manager at McDonalds, to the meeting but was dismayed that Matt Cridland, the outgoing Manager, had not passed over all the information about current concerns etc. It was agreed that the Clerk will forward all the details send to Matt. Mr Braithwaite considered a time limit should be set on responses from McDonalds to avoid the continuing discussions.

Emma said she would be emailing Charlotte in regard to the fencing and Mr Little asked if she could copy the Clerk in on the email. Emma confirmed that Ben Nathar was employed litter picking on a Monday to Friday basis and she had just employed another person to cover the weekends. She confirmed she would be attending the November meeting.

b) Commemorative Stone
The Clerk confirmed that she had now received the required permission to place an object on the highway and also to dig on the highway. She would be meeting the stonemason on Monday 8th October at the quarry to choose the piece of stone. There was the opportunity to take photos of the stone, more when it was being engraved etc. This could go on a memory stick and included in a time capsule to be buried under the stone – this is if the Scouts would like to do this.

c) Parish Council Vacancy
The Clerk confirmed that we had received three expressions of interest in the vacancy but as one person was currently on holiday she suggested inviting them to the November meeting for a decision to be made. This was agreed and the Clerk will circulate the details to Councillors.

d) Community Fund
The Clerk had circulated details about this fund which she received from Mr Little. Deadline for applications is 31st January 2013.
Mr Braithwaite said when the Electricity Board had dug holes near the Ainstey drive junction they dumped a pile of dirt by the grit bin at the corner of Green Close. The Clerk will contact the Southern & Scottish Electricity Board with a view to getting it removed.

a) Clerk’s Salary & Expenses
The Clerk’s salary of 230.95 and expenses of 7.50 were approved.

b) Sparkford Playing Field Association
The Clerk had received a request for the annual grant of 100 and this was approved.

c) Sparkford PCC
The Clerk had received a request for the annual grant of 100 and this was approved.

d) Half yearly rent Bath & Wells Diocese
The organisation of the half yearly rent has now been passed from the Diocese to Greenslade Taylor Hunt and the Clerk had received a request for the half yearly rent for the playing field for 125. This was approved.

e) Funding requests – Precepts
The Clerk said she had received some requests for funding from various bodies and she would keep these until the meeting to decide the Precept when everything could be discussed.

a) Neighbourhood Plans workshop
All Councillors had received information about these workshops and Mr Crawford, Mr Bourke and the Clerk confirmed they would be attending. The Clerk will respond to SSDC accordingly.

Mr Westcott said he would like to see a footpath on the north side of the High Street. Mrs Goodland agreed.


15 ITEMS FOR FUTURE AGENDA    There were none.

16 DATE OF NEXT MEETING       Monday, 5th November 2012.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30pm




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