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Mr J Crawford – Chairman
Mr T Tuck – Vice Chairman
Mr D Braithwaite
Mr A Bourke

Mrs C Goodland
Mr L Piper

Mr R Little – County Councillor – Castle Cary Division
Mr M Lewis – District Councillor – Camelot Ward
Also present: 5 member of the public

In attendance: Mrs K Bourke – Clerk

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.00 pm

1 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE  None had been received. 


The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.

The Clerk read out a letter she had received from Ken Flood, Speed Watch Co-ordinator, that had been sent to all members of the Speed Watch, indicating that Sparkford Speed Watch has finished. Of 350 vehicles moving through the High Street on Thursday 1st November nobody was exceeding the limit. It was also reported that there may be a problem with the new laser speed gun.

Mr Westcott said that the Speed Watch was on hold until the Spring. . It was agreed that Mr Crawford would speak to PCSO Thelma Mead about this. Mr Bourke said they should concentrate on the old A303 but that the speed limit sign needs to be moved to Bridge Cottage. Mr Tuck suggested asking Somerset Highways if they would consider putting an order in to move the sign east on the old A303. The Clerk suggested Mr Little could get involved in requesting this as earlier requests for this action hadn’t come to anything.

Mr Westcott said there had been success when a NHW contact spotted a burglar and got a registration number of their car. The burglar was traced by the police and charged.
It was reported that there had been problems with damage at Sparkford Cricket Club but nothing had been reported to the police. The Clerk confirmed that the Chairman of the Cricket Club had contacted her to ask if anyone had seen anything. She passed this onto PCSO Mead together with contact details but nothing had been heard back.

As PCSO Mead was on rest days PCSO Jan Sparkes attended on her behalf and read out the police report for October/November 2012:
8 crimes reported and dealt with, 7 making off without payment, 1 burglary in a dwelling; investigated, victim updated and filed with a positive outcome, 12 calls to the force service centre, 2 theft, 1 disturbance/nuisance, 3 contact, 2 contact flood warning, 1 burglary, 2 traffic and 1 suspicious/wanted.

PCSO Mead also reported that she had attended the Evergreen Club in October and would also attend on 8th November. The Community Speed Watch will resume in the New Year when they have managed to find other locations to stand in the High Street. Also they need to look at the laser gun that has been issued which doesn’t appear to work. She will liaise with Stuart Hunter CSW on her return from rest days. She has sent emails to PC Pete Wilson regarding the new locations and is awaiting a reply. She has been in contact with South Somerset regarding the footpath between The Willows and The Bungalow on the High Street and is waiting a reply.

Mr Little said the safety scheme he had applied for had been accepted by SCC but was still waiting to hear if it had been successful. He also mentioned the Health & Wellbeing Fund and had taken on board the suggestion given last month about the Restorative Justice project. He also mentioned the Community Enablement Fund and said he hoped members of Sparkford Parish Council would be attending the Local Choice Event on 29th November. Mr Bourke said that the County Council would put up the capital cost but who will then continue to pay for the ongoing running costs?

Mr Lewis said the Government sent to all local authorities a change in the rate supply grant and this will be based on the business rates. All business rates collected go to central Government. Now 40% will be retained by local authorities in partnership with the other 5 districts and County Council pooled rates. This is a significant advance for the future. Mr Bourke asked if they were trying to get a unified business rate across the County? Mr Lewis said this has yet to be agreed.

a) High Street problem with smell

The Clerk confirmed that Wessex Water has now found out that the problem stems from Hazelgrove School who have their own sewers and pumping station. Wessex are in discussions with Hazelgrove to try to resolve the situation but this would involve a lot of expense on Hazelgrove School’s part. The Clerk had been speaking with Mr Lewis and if anyone living on the High Street could smell this in their houses they should ring Paul Huntington, the Environmental Protection Officer, on 01935 462462.
b) SID update
The Clerk reported that the County Council had now decided to provide SID’s to every parish and town in the county free of charge. This means that we will be continuing having them installed in the two areas in the village and would also be receiving a partial refund of the monies we paid up front.

Mr Piper said could we do something about the speed on the Hazelgrove roundabout. The Clerk said she had been in touch with the Highways Agency who said they were already looking into this but that the remedy they were offering would be extra speed signs. The day after the Clerk was informed of this an articulated lorry overturned on the roundabout causing massive disruption and closure of the A303 overnight whilst the roundabout was resurfaced. She contacted the Highways Agency again the following day and found out they were now looking into the possibility of rumble strips similar to those installed at Podimore.

Mr Little said he was pleased the Western Gazette has started a campaign to dual the A303. There are talks going on but no promises to date. All villages along the length of the A303 have joined together and have submitted a strong case. Mr Bourke asked if it was the intent to involve Devon as well or is it just to Ilminster and up to Taunton? Mr Little said it was the length of the A303 and the A358 is not part of the plan.
Mr Lewis said there were discussions on Saturday with MP’s about the dualling of the A303 through Wiltshire and Somerset. Dorset and Wiltshire are keen to see dualling of the A303 but no Somerset MP was in attendance at these discussions.

7 LOCAL PLAN/AFFORDABLE HOUSING    There was nothing to report.

12/02742/S73A – Variation of condition 7 of planning permission 11/04507/COU to allow additional retail space at first floor. Mrs Pauline  Lewis, Dairy House Yard, Cary Road. GRANTED
b) 12/03408/ful – Alterations to property to include conversion of integral garage to living accommodation and erection of new porch. Mr & MrsEbworth, 1 Meadow Cottages, Sutton Montis Road, Weston Bampfylde BA22 7HU. GRANTED
c) 11/04244/COU – Change of use of part of Holiday Park to residential. Long Hazel Park, High Street, Sparkford BA22 7JH. Mr & Mrs P Walton.   APPEAL DISMISSED

a) 12/03895/S73A
- To allow for the substitution of plans showing air source heat pumps to all units in order to achieve the relevant Code  Level in the Code for Sustainable Homes – Condition 2 of 10/00368/FUL to be varied to list the plans submitted herewith as set out in the covering letter accompanying the application. Land OS 6817 Part  Sparkford, BA22 7JP. Mr Mark Dillon Yarlington Homes.

Mr Crawford had spoken to Yarlington and also the planning officer about this application. Yarlington had originally wanted to vary a condition on the full planning consent but SSDC would not allow this so they were forced to put in a full planning application to add air pump heat sources to the buildings. The grant of funding on the housing is to put in measures for green energy eg modern gas or air/ground heat systems. Without these installed they may lose part of the funding. The planning officer is waiting on a report from the environmental officer and will be taking this into account.
Mr Tuck asked why they couldn’t they install a community propane storage? Mr Bourke said even if there are not any representations from Cedar Court we should raise our concerns at the noise level of the two fans nearest to the Cedar Court properties.

a) McDonalds

Emma Treloar, the new Manager, was in attendance and said she had got quotes to increase the height on the fencing and will be taking this forward to her manager. Mr Bourke said as long as it is 3 metres of close boarded fencing this will ameliorate the noise.
Mrs Goodland asked about the 3 day closure and Emma said it was for refurbishment. She also said that lorries who are filling up with diesel at the petrol station are having problems getting out as there are cars parked opposite the exit of the petrol station. Emma said they do put out cones but they get moved. She will look at this problem.

b) Commemorative Stone
The Clerk confirmed they had met with the stonemason at the quarry and, with his help and guidance, picked out about half a dozen suitable stones. He will get these moved out from the pile of stones. We are now waiting to hear that this has been done so we can make our final choice.

c) Parish Council Vacancy
Mr Kevin Davis was the only candidate for this vacancy and spoke to the Parish Council. He has children growing up in the village and was also heavily involved both in the Playing Field Committee, as Chairman, and also the local Scout group.
Mr Crawford asked Councillors if they wished to go to the Committee Room to discuss this but they indicated they didn’t need to. Mr Tuck proposed Mr Davis be co-opted to the Parish Council, Mr Bourke seconded and all Councillors approved this co-option.
Mr Crawford thanked Mr Davis for his interest and for volunteering. The Clerk will give him the necessary paperwork that has to be completed and he will formally begin his term at the December meeting. The Clerk will check when the next New Councillor training course is being held.

a) Clerk’s Salary & Expenses

The Clerk’s salary of 209.96 and expenses of 7.50 were approved.
b) Precept
The Clerk reminded everyone that this would be discussed in full at the December meeting and they should consider any grants or donations they wished to be included in the precept. The Clerk will provide a list of all grants/donations that are given currently and also requests that have come in over the last months.
c) Weston Bampfylde PCC grant  The Clerk had received a letter requesting their annual grant and this was approved.

a) Local Choice Event
(SCC) 29th November 2012
The Clerk asked which Councillors were interested in attending this event. Mr Crawford and Mr Piper said they would like to attend and Mr Davis said he would check his schedule and let the Clerk know. The Clerk will confirm their attendance.

Mr Crawford asked Councillors to remember that it was Polling Day for the Police Commissioner elections on 15th November in the village hall.
Mr Lewis said the Evergreen Christmas Fair would be held on 23rd November at 6pm.
It was reported that Santa’s Grotto run by the Playing Field Committee would be held on 16th November.
Mr Westcott asked if the Parish Council would consider purchasing a defibrillator to be held somewhere in the village. These can be purchased from the British Heart Foundation. Several villages had these and one had saved a life just after they had received it. Mr Crawford said he heard of a village that installed it in their defunct telephone box. Mr Lewis said there was a West Camel training course run by the Red Cross on first aid. The Clerk asked if this was something Mr Little would consider for his Health & Wellbeing fund. More information will be sought about this.


a) Purchase of a defibrillator

Monday, 3rd December 2012.    There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20 pm.

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