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HELD ON MONDAY 3rd JUNE  2013 AT 8.00 PM

Mr J Crawford – Chairman
Mr A Bourke
Mr D Braithwaite
Mr L Piper
Mr K Davis
Mr M Lewis –
County and District Councillor – Camelot Ward
Also present:
3 members of the public
In attendance: Mrs K Bourke – Clerk

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.00 pm

Apologies were received from Mr Tuck.

2 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST    There were none.

The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.

Mr Westcott said it had been a very quiet month. He was looking forward to the resurgence of the Speed Watch. He has had good feedback from the Spar who were going to allocate money for the defibrillator; Haynes were also interested and Dr Huins was very keen on this going forward as although they have one in the surgery it is only available at surgery times. Mr Westcott also said they now have 15 trained volunteers for the defibrillator.

Mr Lewis said the County had launched two pilot schemes for reporting potholes. These were to enable the local communities to take a photograph of the pothole and upload to the County Council website. He was still very much in the process of learning priorities for this quadrenium. There are no significant changes at this time but may be in mid August/September. The District Council Planning Inspector is extending his view of the local plan for 14 days. It will be early autumn when his report comes back to the District Council. It has been a very thorough inspection.

Mr Bourke asked if there were any indications from the Inspector as to his areas of concern. Mr Lewis said one was the East Coker development which is an urban extension in the South of Yeovil rather than in the North where the jobs are. Also Shuddrick Lane in Ilminster has caused the local community concern as it came forward very late in the day. The regional plans were preferred and the new plans are not good for the area. There have been robust discussions around the table.

a) Gully in Church Road
It was reported that this had now been repaired.
b) Water courses in Sparkford
The Clerk had received documentation for the Flood Mitigation Fund and it looked possible to apply for a grant to clear the water courses as discussed at the March meeting: the carrier ditch measures 148 meters, its length needs clearing and banks reshaping, also both sides will need refencing with stock proof fence after the ditch works, length 260 meters, 36meters of fence is in private ownership and will not need refencing to keep out stock.
It was agreed that permission needed to be obtained from the landowner to access the land to carry out this work.

It was asked if there was any news about the traffic calming in the High Street. The Clerk said this project had been accepted by County but they were looking at various methods. Mr Lewis was asked if he would investigate.

Mr Crawford said he had contacted Queen Camel offering information about our scheme, sent a copy of our 106 Agreement and the grant of planning conditions.

8 PLANNING DECISIONS   None had been received.

None had been received. The Clerk had circulated the consultation on the solar PV application which, although not in our parish, is adjacent to it. Mr Crawford had printed off a map showing the area was 30-35 acres with enough electricity for 1,400 houses. The siting of these solar farms is very much related to a high voltage power line being in the vicinity.

a) McDonalds
Emma Treloar reported that they had now filled in all the potholes. At the moment Ben was clearing up after the bank holiday rush and would be getting out to clear any rubbish in the village. Mr Bourke asked if there was any news about the fences and Emma responded saying she was continuing to send emails to Head Office reminding them.

Mr Lewis said he had been contacted by a resident in Wolfester Terrace regarding the overgrown hedges. He knew that part of it belongs to McDonalds and part to the Spar but it was overhanging the highway. Emma said she would get this dealt with over the next couple of weeks.
b) Parish Newsletter
The Clerk said that everyone would now be aware that Jay Farmer will no longer be able to carry on as Editor of the Parish Newsletter and the July/August edition would be her last. She had received a phone call advising that Peter Downton, who lives in Church Road, had volunteered to take on the Editorship of the newsletter. The situation still remained about the advertising and it was clear that all four pages are now being taken up with reports and news. Mr Crawford said he had been contacted by three people who had complained about the small print and the Clerk had also been approached about this. Mr Crawford said someone who had advertised in the past was more than happy to pay 12 per year for advertising and most local newsletters charged 15 or more and Martock charges 12 per month. It was suggested that advertisers make a one off payment for a once a year flyer which Larry Piper offered to print for free. It was agreed that the Clerk would give Mr Piper the contact details of Peter Downton. The Clerk then suggested that Malcolm Littlewood may be happy to put an extra page onto the Parish website which contained contact details of local businesses etc.

a) Clerk’s Salary & Expenses

The Clerk’s salary of 220.46 and expenses of 14.00 were approved.
b) Community Council for Somerset
The renewal fee of 35 for membership was agreed.
c) Peter Lacey Memorial
The Clerk had received information from SALC that they were intending to place a bench on land in the centre of West Buckland as a permanent tribute to Peter. Peter regularly mowed and took pride in keeping the area tidy for the village. SALC were asking each Council to donate 10 towards a fund to buy a bench with an appropriate plaque. If contributions from member councils exceeded the cost of the bench any additional money would be passed to West Buckland Parish Council to help with the cost of future maintenance. After a short discussion it was agreed that Councillors would personally give the Clerk a donation towards this rather than paying out of the precept. The Clerk would raise a cheque once monies have been paid into the Parish bank account.

12 CORRESPONDENCE    There was none.

a) Commemorative Stone
The Clerk reported that she, Mr Crawford and Mr Bourke would be visiting the Stonemason’s workshop on Wednesday to see the blue lias stone picked out and would also be able to choose the type of lettering that will be used. She said she would take photographs so these could go into the "time capsule" the Scouts would be organising to bury under the stone. Mr Lewis said if he provided a spray can could the area where the stone will be placed be marked out and he will get Subscan to check the area making sure there are no services in the area. He will also organise the hole to be dug.
b) SSDC Somerset Together AGM
The Clerk had circulated details of this meeting on 2nd July and asked Councillors to let her know if they would be attending so she could send the reply slip back.

Mr Lewis referred back to the PV farm situation and said West Camel and Queen Camel were having ongoing talks and discussions about applications and Chilton Cantelo had also received an application. He said it was important to have a fixed policy regarding community benefits so the developer knows up front what is expected. Parishes need to get this organised for the future.
He also said South Somerset had received the highest number of applications for this type of development but didn’t know what the sunshine figures for the area were. It was reported that Yeovilton would have all these figures.

15 ITEMS FOR FUTURE AGENDA   There were none.

Monday, 1st July 2013.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55 pm.

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