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Mr T Tuck – Vice Chairman
Mr A Bourke
Mr D Braithwaite
Mr L Piper
Mr K Davis
Mr P Downton
Mr M Lewis – County and District Councillor – Camelot Ward
Also present: 2
members of the public
In attendance: Mrs K Bourke – Clerk

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.00 p

Apologies received from Mr Crawford.

2 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST    There were no declarations of interest.

The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.

Mr Westcott reported there had been a very good training session on the defibrillator and CRV. A total of 36 people within the village are now trained. He said he was still holding evidence of the fly tipping and was waiting for PCSO Mead to pick this up.

The Clerk read out PCSO Mead’s police report which showed 13 calls relating to transport/traffic to the Force Services Centre as against one for last year. Mr Lewis said that the number recognition camera on the A303 near West Camel may be to blame for this high number.

Mr Lewis said there would be no increase in Council Tax from South Somerset District Council. He confirmed that if there was any shortfall from the Government grant to the parish then SSDC will make this good. He did not have any details as to whether the Avon & Somerset Constabulary part of the Council Tax would increase or not.

Mr Lewis mentioned the invitation received from Raglan Housing to attend a ceremony at the Old Coal Yard to mark the start of work at the project of 13 new affordable and one open market homes. As no-one had received any information that this was going to be an affordable housing scheme Mr Lewis will be speaking to SSDC and will also check on the status of the Section 106 agreement that was in the planning conditions. The Clerk was also asked to contact them as neither Kevin Davis or Peter Downton had been included.

Regarding the recent flooding Mr Lewis said that dredging of the River Cam and others in the locality would be taking place but the Henshall Brook at Queen Camel is at right angles to the River Cam and this causes problem so something needs doing further down the River Cam. Mr Tuck mentioned the early warning telemetry station that was discussed previously and asked if it was worth looking at again.

a) Minor Improvement Scheme
The Clerk confirmed that she had emailed Lydia Howarth at County regarding the revised plans that the Parish would like to see. Copies had gone to every Councillor. She had not received any response from County. Mr Lewis had forwarded an email from Ms Howarth which stated that they will consider the measures that the Parish would like to see but if they are too different from the original proposal they would have to submit the changes to the Programme Board for their agreement to proceed.

Mr Piper asked Mr Lewis if the money from this scheme was safe even if it went into the new financial year. Mr Lewis said that we were not the only Parish in this situation.

b) License for commemorative stone
All Councillors were aware of the situation regarding the license for the stone. The Clerk went into the background of this saying she had filled out an S171 for permission to deposit building material on the highway and/or carry out minor works on/adjacent to the public highway. This was granted by the return of the form dated 17th September 2012. The only stipulation was that no work could commence until the stats returns were received. This related to the checks by the utilities companies to make sure none of their pipes etc were in the way when the hole was dug. These had been received and Mr Lewis had even organised an outside scan to make doubly sure.

Mr Bourke asked Mr Lewis if the County Council had a legal right to impose retrospective conditions. We entered into a contract with the stonemason after assurances from County Highways that no further costs would be incurred. This situation is forcing us to either abandon the stone or to pay the County Council. Could the District Solicitor be asked this question? Mr Lewis said he was happy to speak to the Solicitor but has emailed Scott and John Nicholson at Highways with the license dates and permissions and would like their response before taking this further step.

c) HGV restrictions on Sparkford Hill Lane/Church Road
This item was as a result of the Steart planning appeal being successful. The route outlined in their plans was to use Sparkford Hill Lane for their HGV’s. Mr Lewis said that any HGV delivering or collection from the locality can use the A359. He said that restrictions on the High Street would be the most important stretch for us to protect. He didn’t think they would use Sparkford Hill Lane. After a full discussion it was agreed that the Clerk should request "unsuitable for articulated lorry" signs for the junction of Church Road/The Avenue, the junction of Sparkford Hill Lane/A359 and junction of Weston Bampfylde/Camel Road. Mr Lewis said we should also inform David Norris, Head of Planning at SSDC, that we would be requesting these signs.

Five planning decision had been received:

1. 13/04968/PDE – Proposed conservatory – 17 Church Road, Sparkford. Mrs L Gager
2. 13/04617/FUL – Erection of a two storey side extension incorporating new garage two storey rear extension, alterations to existing porch to incorporate alterations to front wall of sitting room and window. Demolition of existing utility room and partial demolition of existing garage – Firwood, 55 Church Road, Sparkford. Mr S Comley
3. 13/04762/LBC – Internal alterations and the removal of cement render from the front façade – Little Weston House, Little Weston Road, Sparkford. Mr C Eykyn
4. 13/04855/FUL – Extension to existing agricultural building. Land opposite Hazelgrove Lodge, High Street, Sparkford. Mr Adrian Smith
5. 13/05041/FUL – Erection of a retaining stone wall. Little Weston House, Little Weston Road, Sparkford. Mr C Eykyn.

Two planning applications had been received:

1. 13/05076/FUL – Change of use of land for the erection of a pair of single attached garages to serve nearby residential properties. Land rear of Birchwood, High Street, Sparkford. Mr & Mrs A M & S P Smith
2. 13/05182/FUL – Erection of an extension to garage and conversion into annex providing living accommodation for family member and erection of a conservatory to existing house. The annex is to be attached to the house with a door providing access between them. Catalina, Church Road, Sparkford. Mrs Judith Zillwood

Neither of these planning applications had been seen by Councillors and the Clerk will contact Mr Crawford to get them circulated.

a) McDonalds
i) Ownership of hedge.   Mr Lewis was looking into this and is waiting to hear back from Chris Cooper. However he had received information from Diane Layzell which seems to imply that a hedged boundary for the site was a planning condition. As soon as he knows any further information he will let us know.
Since the development of the Old Coal Yard has begun the McDonalds bin positioned in the Sparkford Road would need to be resited. The Clerk will speak to Emma Treloar about this.

b) Village Hall accounts
Mr Tuck handed out copies of the current accounts which had been signed by Fred Rogers and said he would be auditing them from now on.
Mr Braithwaite said these were not dated, the receipts had been incorrectly added, the totals were incorrect and there was an excess of receipts over payments. The question was also asked about the disappearance of the Business Saver account which had a £466 balance but wasn’t shown again anywhere in the accounts. Mr Tuck said he would speak to their Treasurer, Alison Roylance, about these matters.

a) Clerk’s Salary & Expenses
The Clerk’s salary of £275.68 and expenses of £7.50 were approved.

11 CORRESPONDENCE  None had been received.

a) Parish Noticeboard

The Clerk reported that the current Parish Noticeboard was in a terrible state; the inside where items were placed had blown and it was almost impossible to lock and unlock them. She had looked around and found a company who could supply two aluminium Noticeboards in sizes 30" x 40" for £105 each. Other companies who supplied parishes and towns with Noticeboards had prices over and above £800. Mr Braithwaite proposed and Mr Downton seconded purchasing these boards. All other Councillors were in agreement.

The situation with the Old Coal Yard development was raised again and Mr Lewis said he was perplexed as to what has happened. We have more than our quota of affordable housing and there is a new development going to be built in Queen Camel. We need to find out if the development will be for local people and also if it will have the donut system applied where Sparkford parishioners get first pick and then it goes out to parishioners in Queen Camel, Marston Magna, Sutton Montis, North Cadbury and South Cadbury. Mr Lewis will be speaking to SSDC about these matters and report back to the Parish Council.


Old Coal Yard developmen
HGV signs
Minor improvement scheme
Commemorative Stone

15 DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 3rd March 2014
There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm.


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