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Mr J Crawford – Chairman
Mr T Tuck – Vice Chairman
Mr A Bourke
Mr D Braithwaite
Mr L Piper
Mr K Davis
Mr M Lewis – County and District Councillor – Camelot Ward
Also present: 4
members of the public
In attendance: Mrs K Bourke – Clerk

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.00 pm.

Apologies had been received from Mr Downton.

Mr Piper declared an interest in item 3 (a).

The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.

a) Approval of June Minutes
Mr Piper left the meeting.
Mr Crawford said a parishioner had made an objection to some points being missed from the June Minutes. He then distributed copies of the points to each Councillor.  He then said that as the June minutes had been proposed for approval, seconded and carried we cannot just go back and change them. Mr Braithwaite asked if we could we attach them as an addendum. Mr Crawford said we could add the 7 points in the interest of clarity and information as a separate sheet to the Minutes.

Mr Bourke said he didn’t agree with the comment that the affordable housing will be onion ringed as we had been very lucky to get this clause for the affordable housing at Bennet Close. It should state that it will "hopefully" be onion ringed. Apart from that he was happy with the comments.
Mr Davis proposed the amendment to the points and all Councillors agreed to the amendment.

Mr Crawford then asked if Councillors were minded to have the comments (with the amendment just agreed upon) attached as an addendum to the June minutes. Mr Tuck proposed, Mr Davis seconded and all Councillors present were in favour.
Mr Braithwaite said he wanted it to be said that the Clerk reported what had been said. The Clerk was only doing her job.

Mr Westwood said there had been three incidents, two involving the Sparkford Inn and a minibus which dropped off people who went round the village purporting to sell items.

Over the last 10 years the Neighbourhood Watch have given away between £2,000 and £3,000 to various village organisations and provided two defibrillators. He wondered if a village fund could be set up for the benefit of the community.

The Clerk read out the Police report. There had been 1 robbery, 1 non-dwelling burglary, 1 violence against the person, 1 criminal damage, 1 shoplifting and 1 other. Calls to the Force Services Centre were 4 x anti-social behaviour, 4 x crime, 9 x general, 14 x public safety/welfare and 15 x transport/traffic.
Both she and John Winfield will now be covering the A303 South which covers from Ilchester to Henstridge and everything in between. The new Beat Manager is PC4073 Katie Maun. Sparkford Community Speed Watch have handed back the equipment as they were unable to get anyone to take it on to organise rotas and input the figures. She is trying to hold a beat surgery to co-incide with the village café.

Mr Crawford said both he and Mr Bourke attended a meeting held by the local Police about the new beat boundaries. They are being asked to do more with less money. They have had £52 million cuts and another £10 million cut is in the pipeline. Although the officers were very positive to do their best with what they have been given. We will have to wait and see and realise Thelma is being spread thinly so not to expect to see her around as often.

Mr Lewis said in regard to the District Council the Local Plan should be agreed by the members of South Somerset District Council on 21st of this month at a full Council meeting.

In relation to the County Council there is a Health & Wellbeing fund giving grants from £500 to £1000 available this year. He is open to suggestions.
Mr Bourke asked does this have to be matched with funding from the organisation in question. Mr Lewis confirmed this. Mr Bourke also asked if a sum could be put towards a larger project eg the trim trail on the playing field needs replacing but would cost more than the amount available. Mr Lewis said this is perfectly possible.

a) Small Improvement Scheme
The Clerk said she had forwarded the recent SID reports to Lydia Howarth but had heard nothing back relating to the gateways or HGV signage. She will contact Ms Howarth to see the status of this request.

Two planning decisions had been received:
a) 14/02586/FUL – erection of two buildings for use as animal shelters/feed stores. Land OS 7267 Church Road, Sparkford. Ms Wendy Evans. REFUSED.
b) 14/02320/OUT – outline application for the erection of a dwelling house and garaging using existing access. Provision of a car park for the exclusive use of the church, including new access. Land adjoining St Mary Magdalene Church, Church Road, Sparkford. Mr Andrew Hopkins. REFUSED.

One planning application had been received:
a) 14/02879/OUT – Outline application for the erection of a bungalow (with some matters reserved). Land at F J Reeves & Sons premises, Wolfester Terrace, Sparkford.
Mr Crawford said that in 1996 planning permission was granted for this bungalow but it had a 106 agreement linking the bungalow to the business premises. This planning permission has now lapsed because they were unable to get funding with the 106 agreement attached to the permission. It is now being reapplied for without the 106 agreement. Mr Reeves wants to refurbish and renovate buildings on the site and the proposal is that Mr Paul Reeves will sell his house in Queen Camel to raise capital and to build the bungalow for him and his family to live in.

a) McDonalds
The Clerk said she had received a phone call from someone called Emma who said she was a McDonald’s Consultant and that the Manager had passed her a copy of the Agenda. She was unable to attend but asked if there were any specific problems. The Clerk mentioned the rubbish and the boundary fence. She explained that the Manager travelled 1½ hours each way to work and on a Monday had to do the early shift leaving him unable to attend the PC meeting. However she was trying to get him to swap shifts to do a Monday afternoon so he could attend our meeting.
b) Clearing the River Cam
The Clerk had contacted the Environment Agency and her letter had been passed to the correct person. They had asked for specific points where this work was being considered and had just got Mr Davis to mark these on the map. She will forward the map to the EA and they will consider the request for use of their equipment to carry this work out.
c) Wessex Water
Mr Crawford welcomed Mr Barker of Wessex Water to the meeting. Mr Barker said he was the Sewerage Manager for Wessex Water looking after matters in our area.
He said since April this year six incidents had been reported and from April 2013 to March 2014 15 incidents were reported.
Mr Davis said he lives in Church Road and when it rains heavily the sewage comes out of the manholes. He reported this in February. The sewers weren’t blocked but they just can’t cope and water must be getting in causing these problems. The drains need to be improved with all the building in Sparkford.

Mr Tuck said between Christmas and New Year with the heavy rainfall he couldn’t use his downstairs toilet. This was reported. It just backs up. In the field above Manor Close the manhole is overtopping and pouring into the ditch – this is from the High Street. Wessex Water did come out in March or April and carried out some work on the manhole. The problems are that the old porous system has been fitted into the new pipework. There are problems in the High Street and now the Old Coal Yard development is due to connect up to the High Street sewers – this all comes into Ainstey drive and to the manhole at Manor Farm in Church Road.

Mr Barker said he had arranged for the catchment CCTV survey which is approximately 2 kilometres and any defects will be resolved. If there are fat deposits, rags etc then households will be leafleted and routine maintenance carried out. With regard to the proposed new developments they are only allowed to connect their foul water. No surface water is allowed to be connected. He also said these problems only happen in bad weather. In the works completed 10 years ago the 100ml pipes were replaced with 225ml pipes. No-one actually needs to consult Wessex Water to attach themselves to the sewer. He reminded the Council that Somerset County Council are the local lead authority for flooding.
Mr Barker had brought three different leaflets along to be distributed. They were:

1. A Guide to changes in Sewer Ownership
2. Sewage Flooding
3. Don’t flush it, bin it

Mr Tuck said there was an upgrade in 2004 from the Ainstey Drive development up to the railway line and then it stopped.
Mr Barker asked Mr Tuck to point out on the map exactly where the problem areas were.

Mr Tuck then asked if Wessex Water had considered taking the pipes across the fields directly up to the Sparkford Hill Lane entrance of the sewage works. Mr Barker said this may be possible.

Mr Lewis raised the issue of Hazlegrove School. There is a bad odour in the High Street where Hazlegrove School connects to the Wessex water sewer in the High Street. In holiday periods there is obviously less pumping which causes this odour. The Clerk said she had reported this approximately two years ago and it was confirmed the problem came from the school and that Wessex Water would be speaking to them about upgrading their pumping system. Nothing more was heard about this matter.
Mr Davis said it was mostly clear water coming up from the manhole so there must be a massive ingress problem somewhere. Mr Bourke asked if the porosity of the pipes would be visible when surveyed. Mr Barker said this will show up.

Mr Crawford asked if we would get feedback after the CCTV survey is completed and Mr Barker said we would get all the information.
Mr Crawford thanked Mr Barker for attending the meeting.
d) Cattle grid at Hazlegrove School
After much effort the Clerk had managed to convey our request for the central cattle grid to be filled in to the Highways Agency. This is now in the hands of the Managing Agent who looks after this parcel of land and they were hopeful of getting the work carried out in the summer holidays.
e) Milk tankers in Church Road
Although the Clerk had contacted Ms Edwards at Gregory Distribution she had not received any reply. She will try to get in touch with her.
f) Jubilee Stone
The Clerk said that the date now agreed for the installation was Saturday 16th August. Mr Piper had organised for the hole to be dug prior to this and for the stone to be taken off the back of the stone mason’s flatbed on the day. The Clerk will inform everyone once she knows a timing and will let the Western Gazette know as well.

a) Clerk’s Salary & Expenses
The Clerk’s salary of £243.87 and expenses of £17.49 were approved.
b) Request from Weston Bampfylde PCC
The Clerk had received the annual request from Weston Bampfylde PCC for their grant but had also requested an increase as maintenance costs have substantially increased over the last 15 years. After some discussion the Councillors agreed to pay the normal grant of £100 but will discuss at the next meeting whether to put this on the Agenda when the Precept is agreed for the next financial year.

11 CORRESPONDENCE   None had been received.

Mr Braithwaite said the dog bin by the electricity sub-station had vanished. Mr Crawford said he would look in the field to see if someone had thrown it over the fence but if not then the Clerk will contact Street Scenes at SSDC.



1. War Memorial
2. Weston Bampfylde PCC

Monday, 1st September 2014.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10 pm.

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