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Mr J Crawford – Chairman
Mr T Tuck – Vice Chairman
Mr A Bourke
Mr D Braithwaite
Mr P Downton
Mr K Davis
Mr M Lewis – County and District Councillor – Camelot Ward
Also present: 1
members of the public
In attendance: Mrs K Bourke – Clerk

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.00 pm.


Apologies were received from Larry Piper and Bill Westcott.



The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.


No reports were available from Neighbourhood Watch or the Police. Mr Crawford reported that someone had vandalised the Millennium seat again by ripping off the seat to weigh down a tent which had then been abandoned. The Copse Trust is arranging to repair the seat.


Mr Lewis said he now had the map of footpaths for Sparkford which were being maintained by SSDC. There are very few that are regularly maintained. This is not a satisfactory situation but the funding to do the footpaths is not there. Any other problems with footpaths need to be reported to Eve Wynn at County. The Clerk is willing to do this.

Mr Lewis reported an issue with Cherry Pie Lane which, although small, is important and relates to when Cherry Pie Lane was renamed in the 1990’s. It was originally The Avenue – No 1, No 2 and Orchard Cottage. One of the residents has changed his cottage to Cherry Pie Cottage due to confusion on the address however it is on his deeds as 2 The Avenue. This all came about as the resident was registering the separate property in his grounds. Now SSDC want 100 to register Cherry Pie Cottage as being in Cherry Pie Lane so they can inform the Land Registry and the Post Office. Obviously there had been an error in the 90’s and Mr Lewis welcomed the advice on where to go with this.

Mr Braithwaite said we as a Parish Council have a duty of care and we should pay the 100. It was then explained that it would be 100 per property with the likelihood of 5 properties needing the change. After some discussion it was agreed that if the Parish Council agreed to pay 100 to SSDC Mr Lewis would try to get SSDC to agree to cover all 5 properties. Mr Braithwaite proposed a figure up to 100, Mr Davis seconded and all Councillors were in favour.

It was reported that the footpath next to the garages in Church Road alongside the chain link fencing was virtually unpassable after the rain. It really needs some hardcore put down. The Clerk will report this.


a) Gully Cleaning
Mr Tuck said that heavy rain is causing problems in Church Road as leaves are blocking the gullies. Both gullies in Twines Close are blocked and urgently need cleaning out as they are not catching any water. The channels are blocked at Orchard Close as well. The Clerk will report this.
b) Small Improvement Scheme
The Clerk had been in touch with the new person at the Traffic & Transport development Group. She has now been told that a revised consultation plan incorporating the new gates is scheduled to be sent out at the end of October.
c) A303 Closure
The Clerk had circulated all the details of this to Councillors.

Three decisions had been received:
14/02556/FUL – Residential development of 11 dwellings. Land rear of The Burroughs, High Street, Sparkford. Mr & Mrs Nigel Tucker. WITHDRAWN
14/03023/FUL –
Erection of single storey infill extension and erection of two-storey extensions to rear of existing house and change of use of part of existing enclosed agricultural classified land to form extension to garden area. Woodside House, Sparkford. Mr & Mrs D Graham. GRANTED
14/03606/FUL – Single storey rear extension. 4 Ainstey Drive. Mr & Mrs John Harris. GRANTED.

Two planning application had been received
14/04228/OUT – Erection of a bungalow (resubmission of 14/02879/OUT withdrawn). Land rear of Annhurst, Wolfester Terrace, Sparkford. Mr Paul Reeves.
14/04229/FUL – Erection of replacement office/workshop building. F J Reeves & Son, Wolfester Terrace, Sparkford. Mr Paul Reeves.

a) McDonalds
There was nothing to report. The Clerk confirmed that no contact had been made with the new Manager
b) War Memorial
An item about this has been published in the Parish Newsletter
c) Gregory distribution tankers
The Clerk confirmed that at last she had made contact with the manager at Gregory’s who had issued written instructions to all drivers about the problem at the bottom of Church Road. Mr Tuck said there had been no further problems.
d) Environment Agency – clearing the river
The Clerk had now heard back from the EA who confirmed they would be carrying out the work this year and would advise of a start date. All the biodegradable material will be put on the adjacent bank above the high water mark. The PC had been asked to advise the landowners when a date was set.

Both Mr Tuck and Mr Davis said that putting the biodegradable material on the adjacent bank was not a good idea as there were substantial tree trunks and willow limbs criss crossing the river and they need disposing of rather than dumping as this could cause further problems with flooding. Any biodegradable material needs to be put on the western bank belonging to the Montgomery’s as anything on the eastern bank will be washed back into the river and will block the mill stream. The Clerk will contact the EA about this.
e) Dog bin
The Clerk reported that there was still no sign of the missing dog bin and that Streetscenes didn’t know anything about it but had said if we replaced it they would continue to empty the bin.
It was agreed that the Clerk purchase a dog bin from Glasdon at 84 which included delivery but excluded VAT. The bin also comes with post mounting fixings.

a) Clerk’s Salary & Expenses
The Clerk’s salary of 243.87 and expenses of 7.50 were approved.
b) Half yearly rent on playing field
The Clerk had received an invoice from Greenslade Taylor Hunt for 125 to cover the half yearly rent for the playing field.
c) Grant to Playing Field Association
The Clerk had received a letter from the PFA requesting their annual grant of 100. This was agreed.

11 CORRESPONDENCE No correspondence had been received.

Mr Downton reported issues with the Parish Newsletter being printed. In the past Haynes had always carried this out but had now outsourced to Gillingham Press. Gillingham Press have said that they couldn’t carry on printing the 500 copies a month for the 150 that Haynes paid them. They said they would normally charge 300 per month. He was currently seeking quotations from other printers and was also going to arrange a meeting with Gillingham Press to see how long they will continue to print the Newsletter. There was also a problem with getting material for each issue. A discussion took place and it was decided to wait and see what the quotations were for printing.

Mr Downton said he had been contacted by the General Manager at Sparkford Hall who offered the grounds for a village fete or similar next year. However this would have to take place on a weekday as they were fully booked at weekends.

Mr Bourke raised the issue of the article in the Western Gazette relating to Haynes closing down their Sparkford operation in the High Street and were currently trying to find employment for their 41 employees. Also in the article it was reported that Haynes were keen to dispose of the site "with planning permission". As it already had B Classification Mr Bourke had concluded it could mean planning permission for housing which could have the effect of turning Sparkford into a ghost village. Obviously we would have to wait to see if any planning applications appeared.

Mr Bourke reported there was a meeting tomorrow on the playing field with Mr Parr from SSDC to discuss the monies being raised from the Section 106 agreement on the Old Coal Yard development. 15,580 had been allocated for new equipment. Mr Bourke agreed to find out what other monies from the 106 agreement were going towards.

Mr Davis reported dog mess not being cleared from the pathway between Green Close and Church Road. The Clerk will put a request in the Parish Newsletter about this.

Mr Crawford said Mr Littlewood has mentioned all the debris collected in the wall by the old well at the Church bend under the chestnut trees. It was full of old sticks and rubbish. The Clerk will report this to Streetscenes.

The Clerk was asked to contact Alan Rankin to gain permission for access to his land to clear the ditch.

The Clerk was also asked to put an item in the Parish Newsletter requesting residents do not sweep leaves from their drives onto the Highway as this added to the blocked gullies.


14 ITEMS FOR FUTURE AGENDA  There were none.

Monday, 3rd November 2014.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.56 pm.

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