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HELD ON MONDAY 1st July 2015 AT 8.00 PM

Mr D Braithwaite – Chair
Mr K Davis
Mr V Mallett
Mr K Flood
Also present: 2 members of the public
In attendance
;- Mr M Lewis, PCSO T Mead, Mr B Wescott and 8 members of the public
Mrs A Voysey – Clerk

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.00 pm.


Mr T Tuck, Mr L Piper, Mr P Downton


The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.
The minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting, held on May 11th 2015, were approved and signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

PCSO Mead reported that recorded crimes for the Sparkford area of Wincanton rural south were 6 – making off without payment (still under investigation) and 1 rural theft. There were 34 calls to Force Service Centre of which 27 were road related incidents, 1 assist other services , 2 thefts, 1 burglary, 1 assault and 1 concern for welfare and 1 alarm. TM had also inquired why the mobile speed camera (motorbike) had not visited Sparkford. It had been found that after risk assessment the Community Safety Partnership had been unable to find an adequate site for the mobile speed camera unit to stop at either end of the village.

BW had no further crime related comments to add but had received a number of cynical comments regarding the Small Improvement Scheme (SIS).
ML inquired about travellers at Queen Camel and was advised that they had moved on.

ML advised that Somerset County Council highways had launched a web site giving information on road works and utility’s work. Details of the web site to be sent to Parish Clerks.


a) SIS - The Clerk reported that she and the Chairman has raised issues with highways during the course of the work including misspelt signage, new ‘gates’ being obscured by hedges and signs/bollards expected but not in place. Also that TT was seeking a meeting with County highways. KD expressed disappointment in the scheme and queried whether the measures would reduce vehicle speed through the village. Members of the public, in attendance, had also expressed their concerns about effectiveness of the scheme as implemented. It was also asked if the new weight restriction sign at Wolfester Terrace had already been knocked askew or if it was put up that way. Councillors wanted to know where the money for the scheme had been spent. All were in agreement that this question be raised.
b) The Bridge/The Avenue/A359 Cary Road Junction – the Clerk reported that highways, in an email dated 5th June 2015, considered that the deterioration of the junction had become more evident and that it will be added to a future schemes list which are presented as schemes prior to each financial year to secure funding, against a budget, for those works and are based on hierarchy and priorities. VM commented that travelling from the east and turning north towards Castle Cary at the junction was like crossing a ploughed field.


a) 15/01816FUL Demolition of existing utility room and conservatory. Erection of single storey extension to rear of property and a new sunroom. Demolition of existing rear redundant chimney, and making good eves and wall. The Laurels, Church Rd, Sparkford. PERMITTED WITH CONDITIONS
b) 15/01978/S73 Application to vary condition 2 (approved plans) of the planning approval 12/01836/FUL by substitution of revised plans 6502-01 to suit revised scheme The Round House, High Street, Sparkford. PERMITTED WITH CONDITIONS.


a) 15/02398/FUL Extension to Office Space. Mill Farm, Weston Bampfylde Road, Sparkford, BA22 7HY. Mr Andrew Mangles. All Councillors had seen the application, no objections were made, Clerk to advise SSDC accordingly.
b) 15/02468/REM Approval of reserved matters for erection of bungalow, following approved application 14/04228/OUT. Land rear of Annhurst, Wolfester Terrace, Sparkford. BA22 7JE. Mr P Reeves. All Councillors had seen the application, no objections were made, Clerk to advise SSDC accordingly.
c) 15/02459/FULThe erection of an agricultural/horticultural worker's dwelling to replace existing mobile home. Vale Of Camelot Growers, Old London Road, Sparkford, BA22 7JR. Mr & Mrs O Coulsey. All Councillors had seen the application, no objections were made. Clerk to summarise comments for DB to check and Clerk to forward to SSDC.
d) 15/02408/FUL Change of use of existing storage building into a farm shop. Mill Farm, Weston Bampfylde Rd, Weston Bampfylde, BA22 7HY. All Councillors had seen the application, no objections were made, Clerk to advise SSDC accordingly.


a) McDonalds. The Clerk reported that a meeting had taken place with the manager, Mr M Biles, TT, LP and herself. Topics discussed included the fence and ditch on the boundary with Wolfester Terrace, speed humps that had been removed during car park resurfacing, overnight parking (KD noted that the bollards were being put in place to prevent overnight lorry parking), litter picking and a ‘Love Where You Live’ community event to be arranged by McDonalds in the September/October. The supply of a replacement bin at Sparkford Copse (recently damaged), replacement seat (recently removed from the Millennium Wood by persons unknown) were also mentioned.

b) Sparkford Cricket Club – dog waste and grant request. The Clerk had spoken with the dog warden about what could be done at the Cricket ground and the continuing dog waste problem. The major problem being ‘policing’ of those exercising their dogs and failing to pick up excrement. If the Cricket field is in the ownership of the Parish Council a ban could be placed on dogs for the duration of the cricket season, at the site. Ownership of the Ground is to be checked at the Land Registry, pending this KD proposed that a ban on dogs at the cricket ground for the duration of the cricket playing season, from 1st April to 30th September, be imposed. This was seconded by KF. All were in favour.
DB suggested that a grant of 300 and that the 2016-17 grant of 150, a total 450, be given to the Cricket Club towards the refurbishment of the kitchen. This was proposed by KF and seconded by KD. All were in favour.

c) Flood mitigation scheme - Church Road/ditch rear of garages. ML advised if the Council is to seek a grant from Somerset County Council for this work then an application must be made before the end of July 2015. Clerk to liaise with KD regarding letter to the land owners.
The Clerk also reported that the issue of sewage had been raised at the August 2014 meeting when Mr Barker of Wessex Water attended but she could find no further correspondence since then. Contact had been made with Wessex Water to follow this up but there had been no reply.


a) Clerk’s Salary of 275.61 for June was approved.
b) Clarification regarding VAT had been sought from SALC. The grant of 300 towards the cost of the resurfacing the car park in front of the Parish Hall was agreed by all.
c) SALC training for new parish councillors. KF and VM expressed an interest in attending the ‘Being a Good Councillor’ course on 15th July 2015. Two places had been booked at a cost of 20 each, total 40.
d) Sparkford Parish Hall Chubb Fire and Security Ltd Service. The Parish Hall committee had forwarded the invoice for the Chubb service of fire extinguishers along with a cheque made out for the total less VAT. Clerk to seek outstanding sum for Parish Hall Committee and put this on the agenda for next month
e) A copy of the External Audit report had been previously circulated. This was noted. A copy of the report to be placed on the web site.
f) Parish Council accounts had been circulated. These were noted.

An email had been received regarding the dog waste bin at the electricity sub- station which has been removed and disappeared for a second time. Options were discussed and it was decided to place this matter on the agenda for the next meeting.
A second email had been received regarding noise and disturbance thought to be coming from Sparkford Hall. Clerk to make a telephone call to the Hall to advise that complaints had been received.


As recorded in the minutes.

Monday 3rd August 2015, 8pm
There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.22pm



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