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HELD ON MONDAY 3rd August 2015 AT 8.00 PM

Mr D Braithwaite – Chair
Mr K Davis
Mr V Mallett
Mr K Flood
Mr L Piper
In attendance
;- Mr M Lewis County and District Councillor,
Mr B Wescott and
  8 members of the public
Mrs A Voysey – Clerk

After a short opportunity for members of the public to address the Council, the Chairman opened the meeting at 8.00 pm.

Mr T Tuck, Mr P Downton.


The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of last month’s meeting.

PCSO Thelma Mead sent a report.
Recorded Crime Statistics for July 2015
3 x Making off without Payment, still under investigation
Calls to Force Services Centre - A total of 28 were received for the month. Made up as follows:-
Road Related incident x 19, Anti-Social Behaviour  x 2, Abandoned Call x 1,
Theft x 1, Burglary x 1, Harassment x 1, Concern for welfare x 1, Suspicious x 1, Domestic x 1

Mr Wescott reported that anti-social behavior remains a problem and so too many nuisance phone calls for example requesting bank details. He also reported smells coming from the drains in the High Street.

ML reported that he spoken with Andrew Jones MP the Roads Minister and enquired about timing of work for dualling of the 3 mile Sparkford to Podimore section of the A303. Whilst no time scales were given ML was advised that the A303 project was high in the list of priorities.

Thanks were given for KD’s efforts in helping to make possible an application to Somerset County Council Flood Mitigation Fund. The application has been submitted.

ML noted that Broadband connectivity as experienced in the Parish is poor. It is likely that work to improve internet speed will occur by the middle of next year, 2016, as indicated on the Connecting Devon and Somerset web site.


a) Small Improvement Scheme. It was reported that no date had been set to meet with highways but that when it was arranged it would be at Taunton. Sparkford SIS is one of 22 being carried out and staff could not attend each project on site in an ongoing programme of work. TT and ML had been in contact and TT has asked the Clerk to arrange for photographic evidence of the areas of concern to be gathered and a date set for a meeting in early September. The issue of value for money in the scheme was raised and ML would chase Sara Davis at County for feedback. It was also noted that the Speed Indicator Device (SID) was in place in the High Street which may give an indication of the impact of the SIS on vehicle speed reduction.
b) The bridge/The Avenue/A359 Cary Road junction. It was noted that ‘studs’ had been placed at the edge of the road but the reason for this is not known. Councillors agreed that this item should remain on the agenda and the point was made that the white lines had been painted at the junction as part of the SIS but this was over an area that requires surfacing.


a) 15/02398/FUL Extension to Office Space. Mill Farm, Weston Bampfylde Road, Sparkford, BA22 7HY. Mr Andrew Mangles. PERMITTED WITH CONDITIONS
b) 15/02468/REM Approval of reserved matters for erection of bungalow, following approved application 14/04228/OUT. Land rear of Annhurst, Wolfester Terrace, Sparkford. BA22 7JE. Mr P Reeves. PERMITTED WITH CONDITIONS
c) 15/02459/FUL The erection of an agricultural/horticultural worker's dwelling to replace existing mobile home. Vale Of Camelot Growers, Old London Road, Sparkford, BA22 7JR Mr & Mrs O Coulsey. PERMITTED WITH CONDITIONS


a) 15/02408/FUL Change of use of existing storage building into a farm shop Mill Farm, Weston Bampfylde Rd, Weston Bampfylde, AMENDED PLANS/ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. All councillors had seen the amended plans, no objections were made, Clerk to advise SSDC accordingly.
b) 15/02834/FUL Erect dwelling, ancillary stables and B1 workshop. Land adjacent New Cottages, High Street, Sparkford BA22 7JG. The applicant’s agent spoke in support of the application at the beginning of the meeting. The plans had been circulated to Councillors, their comments had been summarised and circulated prior to the meeting. LP wished to add that he supported the Child Minding element of the proposed scheme as it would in turn support the play group which is a part of village community All agreed that LP’s comment be added to those previously circulated and all comments be forwarded to SSDC.
c) 15/03288/FUL Convert garage to bedroom, single storey side extension, front porch and detached garage 4 Manor Close, Sparkford, BA22 7JZ. The plans had been circulated amongst Councillors, no objections had been made, Clerk to advise SSDC accordingly.
d) Appeal in respect of Application Decision Reference 14/05052/FUL Residential Development of 11 dwellings, Land OS3432 (rear The Burrows) High Street, Sparkford, BA22 7JH. Planning Inspectorate Appeal Ref. APP/R3325/W/15/3100543. A short discussion took place and all were agreed that the residents should be supported in their opposition to this application subject of the appeal, as was the case when it was considered by SSDC. Clerk to write to Inspector.


a) McDonalds. The Clerk reported that the Manager was seeking further information regarding the boundary fence on the boundary with Wolfester Terrace, the ditch on the same boundary is due to be cleared in late August. The speed hump removed during car park resurfacing has not been replaced to date. No date has been set for the Love Where You Live event.
b) Sparkford Cricket Ground Ownership and Cricket season ban of Dogs. The Clerk reported that ML had assisted with enquiries at SSDC regarding ownership of the Cricket Ground. The land is not registered at the Land Registry but the Assent to the Parish Council document, a copy of which is held by the Parish Council, show that the Parish Council owns the lands. Dyne Drewitt Solicitors at Wincanton hold the deeds and documents. The Clerk advised that while the ownership of the land could be registered, through a Solicitor or through SSDC and there would be fees to pay, this did not prevent a cricket season long ban of dogs at the cricket ground being imposed. No decision was made to register the land with the Land Registry. The sign to be supplied by Sparkford Cricket Club, wording previously circulated and design/layout circulated at the meeting was considered. The Clerk advised that the wording may not be entirely appropriate as it included reference to the Dog Warden. Councillors were all in agreement that the proposed wording was acceptable.
c) Flood Mitigation scheme, Church Road/ditch rear of garages. This was reported in Item 5 above.
d) Dog Waste bin at Electricity Sub Station. Nothing to report. Clerk to follow this matter up.


a) Payment of Clerk’s Salary of 241.16 was approved.
b) Payment of Grant to Sparkford Cricket Club, kitchen refurbishment, of 450.00 was approved
c) Payment of SALC Good Councillor Course fee of 40.00 was approved
d) Sparkford Parish Hall Chubb Fire and Security Service Ltd held over from the July meeting. The Treasurer of the Parish Hall had taken back the invoice to pay in full as a reminder for payment had been received.
e) Payment of Weston Bampfylde PCC grant, for the upkeep of the Church Yard, of 150.00 was approved
f) SALC ‘Being a successful Chairman’ training course booking for TT was approved the cost of which would be 25.00 Booking to be made.
g)      The removal of Mr J Crawford and addition of Mr C Tuck as signatories of the Barclay’s bank account was agreed by all.


a) A letter had been received from SSDC regarding a Flood Risk Management event on 28th September. KD and KV expressed an interest in going. Clerk to pass names to SSDC
b) Wessex Water (WW) had replied to a follow up email regarding drain investigations and the attendance of Jonathan Barker at the Parish Council meeting of August 2014. There had been a restructuring of business at WW and Mr Barker no longer worked for them. The CCTV which was due to be carried out had not taken place. It was also mentioned that "WW was not a statutory consultee in the planning process and the decision lies with the local authority". In discussion that followed concern was expressed over the last point and the Clerk is to forward the correspondence to ML.
c) Planning application 15/03030/S73 in neighbouring North Cadbury consultation. ML mentioned that the Parish Council may want to draw attention to the landscaping provisions at this site as it affects residents in Sparkford Parish.

VM queried contact details for the Neighbourhood Watch following an article in the Village Magazine. DB to pass Bill Wescott’s contact details to VM


Monday, 7th September 2015, 8.00pm
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.50pm
AV 10/08/15

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