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A sad reminder of the decline of our farming industry came with the sale of a local farm, with all its machinery lined up for the auction last autumn.
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But, on a more optimistic note, Christmas Eve brought the welcome arrival of a new-born lamb, to reassure us that better times can return to the countryside we all love

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.....and a new piece of 'farm Sculpture' has recently appeared alongside the A303 to remind all passers by that British Farming is fighting back and continuing to produce REAL FOOD

Our Parish Council gets 'airborne'....


During December, Parish Councillors from the parishes of Kingsdon, Sparkford and West Camel, and  local County Councillor Bob Little were invited to spend a day at RNAS Yeovilton to see the activities of the squadrons based there and learn about their operational needs that generate the airborne traffic that we sometimes hear.    Many useful discussions took place, during which it became apparent that whilst night flying was essential to complete training schedules, the Navy do all in their power to keep the 'disturbance factor' to an absolute minimum.

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A fascinating tour of the control room and hangers was followed by a short demonstration trip in a Sea King helicopter for all the visitors

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