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11-17.jpg (32887 bytes) Changing face of Sparkford
Sparkfords changing, - well a little anyway!  Richard White's Garage and village shop have gone; the bulldozers and diggers moved in at the beginning of the year and now seven new houses have appeared on the corner of Church Road. 
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A reminder of how the Church Road corner looked looked when Jim Windsor's  London Road Garage was on the corner, and the A303 went thru the village. There wasn't a constant steam of cars and trucks then!

Researching Sparkford's Past
Last Autumn a detailed study of Lickhill, - the field adjacent to St Marys Church in Sparkford, was carried out by the South Cadbury Environs Project.

The 'humps and bumps' in the 11 acre field immediately south of the church have attracted the attention of archaeologists. Situated on a pronounced rise in the crook of a bend in the River Cam, even its name is promising: Lick Hills, derived from an old english phrase meaning deadman's corner.
Villager Jo Unsworth recently carried out a survey of the earthworks, and in November 2002 a team of volunteers from the South Cadbury Environs Project carried out a magnetic survey of the field and looked for finds in the topsoil.  The evidence suggests that there was a carefully gridded settlement there in around the 11th and 12th centuries AD. A few sherds of Romano-British pottery hint at what might have gone before.
The project, which is run through Bristol University, has already turned up exciting Romano-British and Bronze Age finds in Weston Bampfylde, which will appear shortly on the website ( Anyone interested in helping is welcome to contact Richard Tabor at

lh2.jpg (8224 bytes) Fragment of pottery revealed

01-04.jpg (29809 bytes)
Liz Caldwell investigates a test pit looking for remains from mediaeval Sparkford

mar024.jpg (16520 bytes)

Poppy Wood operates a gradiometer to plot a grid of magnetic anomolies

Richard Tabor looks on.

And, a picture of St Marys Church in December, taken by Chris Mann, late on a beautiful afternoon, showing the full glory of winter colors!

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